fix iPhone app crashing on Startup: on iPad, After update iOS

Last Updated: Oct 13, 2015

fix iPhone app crashing on startup or after some time, behind many reasons. But here I covered all possible situations for millions of live apps are conflicting with these problem mostly. Today millions of iOS users got error on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, BBC News, Weather apps, Calendar App, DropBox, Google Drive, Mail App, Camera App, Notes app, Music App, Map App, Message App, App Store, Podcast, BBM, BBC.fix iPhone app crashing on Startup time automatically

Some internal misconfiguration with current iOS might be conflicting. Or not enough storage space for perform some action in memory. Let’s what to do in that cases?

Most of the users are repeating same problem from past decades released at iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8 or iOS 9. but successfully working today also.

Steps for fix iPhone app crashing on startup or after update iOS in iPad

Restart or reboot iPhone, iPad

Restart is very Easy to do in iPhone, By press and hold sleep/ Wake button till your iPhone’s screen showing Slide to power off slider.

or Force restart by press sleep wake button + Home button for 10 seconds continuously, Until you can see Slide to power off option.

Up-to-date app and iOS

New updates will improve performance always, Developer always solved bug fixed that’s crashing app. For update Go to app store > Updates > New update apps will be visible under Available Updates section.

Otherwise you can set it on auto updates, Setting > App and iTunes Stores > Enable Updates.

After that please verify your device running on latest iOS version > Setting > General > Software Updates. if your app doesn’t compatible with lower iOS version, So your iPhone app crashing on Startup or at the running time.

Remove app and install again

Before uninstall or delete app, keep backup of data and install again.

After jailbreak, make sure you have restore successfully using iTunes without any third party tools or jailbreak remover.

Network connectivity issues

poor network connection or wrong ip configuration required network settings reset on iPhone. Live Messaging app, Stock app, New app mostly affect this types of problem.

Setting > General > Reset > Reset network settings.

Share your response how this fix iPhone app crashing on startup or between guide really helped for your case, in comment box.