Fix Can’t Download Zoom on My Mac & Won’t install & Open 2024

Here's the solutions on your Mac can't download zoom app and Unable to install Zoom on Mac. "Zoom.pkg" can't be opened, not downloaded from the App Store.

As you know, All users can Use Zoom on any device from anywhere for free. Because zoom platform is available in Web Browser and App on all the Mac, Desktop & Mobile. But Several users are facing an issue on Can’t download zoom on Mac and Won’t install Because of a Software issue. Before starting the installation you must have permission otherwise Setup will popup “”Zoom.pkg” can’t be opened because it was not downloaded from the App Store.”

Also, find the correct way to download Zoom App/Software on mac without any installation error.

If you are not using the Zoom app, you feel uncomfortable using some Video & Audio calling features. So it’s just required.

How to Download Zoom on Mac

The zoom app is not available on the Mac App store, you have to download the Zoom setup file from “” website. Check out the below alternate sources to download on your System.

  2. (hosted by zoom)
  3. ( hosted on Mirror)

Sometimes you can’t start downloading zoom setup on your Browser because of heavy load on the Server or Zoom service outage. Check all the Sources given above and Download the latest Supported Zoom app on your Mac [Intel or M1].

Once you download, Allow Permission in Mac settings to install from identified developers.

How to Install Zoom on a Mac macOS

If you desire to install Zoom or Zoom Rooms for your Mac, you can need to restrain your Security and Privacy settings from permitting programs from recognized builders. Follow those steps to put in the Zoom application:

1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top mac menu.

2. From the drop-down menu, choose System Preferences.


3. Select Security & Privacy from the drop-down menu.


4. To make adjustments, click on the lock icon withinside the lower-left nook.


5. Enter the username and password on your Mac administrator or login with Touch ID on Mac.


6. App Store and recognized developers are allowed to get downloaded. Must Note: If you are the use of Mac 10.13.x, you may additionally want to click on Allow.


7. To save you any extra modifications, click on the lock button as soon as more.

Once the download is finished, visit your browser’s higher proper nook and click on the downloads button. Then take the subsequent steps:

1. To open the Zoom download, double-click on it.


2. When the installer appears, click on Next.


3. Specify a setup location: Install for all customers in this machine. Note: To set up this for all customers at the device, you will want administrator credentials.

4. Click the Continue. Alter Install Location (optional) in case you need to extrude the setup location.


5. Hit the Install button. If you chose Install for all customers on this computer, offer the device’s administrator credentials (It’s Optional).

Tap “Close” whilst the set-up receives finished. The set-up procedure, on the opposite hand, the handiest takes some moments to complete!

When it does, the Zoom app will seem on your screen. Here you may have options: Sign up for a meeting or log in.

Must have Mac Administrator password

To Download the Zoom app on your Mac, you need an administrator password if your account is restricted from permission like this.

Check Zoom Server Status


During the setup, the Zoom app verifies the system status and download important components and update while installing on your Mac or PC. if you are getting some unknown error then make sure you are installing the latest compatible Zoom software on your Mac.

here’s the link for Check Zoom Status in your Region from your Browser.

Some other issue on zoom is related Zoom service. like, Won’t log in or Can’t Create & start zoom meeting.

Use Zoom web on Browser

if the issue is related to MacOS System and settings that you installed on your Mac. Some Third-Party Mac apps and Profiles create problems with installing New Third-Party apps like zoom.

For a quick solution and Start & Join zoom meeting use in Browser. That’s a Lightweight platform for Audio and video calling just like the Zoom app.

Also, the Zoom app is available on your Mobile [iPhone and Android]. So, Don’t forget, just download the app from App Store in iOS and Play store on android mobile.

if you have enough time to Check and Troubleshoot the issue with zoom installation on your Mac OR PC then Check with Safe mode on Mac.

Try in Safe Mode

Safe mode fixes all the Software issues while you put your Mac in safe mode. The safe mode determines the software issue while loading apps on your Mac startup on m1 Mac or intel mac. But the Procedure is different as your Mac has a Which processor?

For M1 Mac:-

  1. Shut down your Mac, after 10 seconds, press and Hold on the Power button until your Mac show the Loading Startup volumes screen, and you will see the Startup volume and Options on screen.
  2. Select Startup volume > Press Shift Key from Keyboard > Continue in Safe Mode.m1-mac-safe-mode
  3. Wait for your Mac show the login screen, Enter the Login password and check that you able to install zoom app without any issue.
  4. Exit from safe mode, While you restart your Mac for next time.

For Intel Mac:-

  1. Shut Down your Mac, after 10 seconds, Turn on Mac and imediately press and Hold on Shift key, until your Mac show the login screen with Red Label ‘Boot Loop’ at top right corner.
  2. Check the issue is fixed “Zoom app installation” in safe mode.
  3. Once you done, Exit from safe mode on next restart.

Delete Unused app from Applications on Mac

As per the recent issue on Mac with Zoom won’t install, because of other software like Rosetta2. Go to the Application folder in finder and delete it from your Mac. or Try alternate methods as we discussed earlier.

  • Open Finder on Mac > Applications > See the list of apps installed on Mac, Right-click on Affected and Unused app > Move to Bin to Uninstall or Delete from your Mac.

Download the latest Zoom from Zoom

Make sure that you are installing the latest Zoom App version on your Mac or PC. if not then Double-check and try to install new last updated software.

Can’t open the application “”

Zoom app stuck on your Mac’s Launchpad and Won’t open on the screen. Or Keep quit itself on Mac. This problem occurs due to several internal software issues that we can diagnose step by step.

Quick Solutions:-

  1. Try after Restart your Mac
  2. Click on Zoom app icon with Shift Key While open on Mac from launchpad.
  3. Try in Safe mode
  4. Reinstall Zoom on Mac, Uninstall Zoom and Download > Install as Explained earlier.
  5. Repair MacOS From Disk Utility.
  6. Disable or Delete VPN installed on your Mac.
  7. Check Internet connectivity.
  8. Try after sometime, Check Zoom Server status.
  9. Try on Different device or Mobile device.

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FAQs [Write short answer]

Do you need to download Zoom to join a meeting?

Doesn’t need to log in to your Zoom account or join Zoom meetings. Also, we can start from Zoom web as an alternate option.

Can I create a zoom meeting without a zoom app On Mac & Laptop?

Yes, we can Create and Start Zoom meetings from Zoom web and Zoom app on any device.

On Browser, Go to > Login with your Details > Click on SCHEDULE A MEETING > and Create a New Meeting by entering details.

In the Same way, Using the Zoom app:- Go to Home > Click on New Meeting or Schedule Option > Submit the Details and That’s it.

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