How to Get Skype Notification on Your iPhone’s Locked Screen

In Short

  • Keep your Skype app and iOS updated to the latest version to fix the bug.
  • Keep the Background app refreshed and turn on the Skype app.
  • Setup Skype notifications for the lock screen. Settings > Skype > Notifications. And Enable Preview for the lock screen. In addition, verify the Skype account notifications settings.

The iOS Skype app has been updated by the Well-known free video calling provider Microsoft (Skype Communications). Now the app is well compatible with the latest iOS running iPhone. Overall, users can get massive revamped video calling apps for their iPhones and iPads. Before, users couldn’t get missed calls or message notifications on a locked iPhone screen, but this golden feature is available in the version of Skype. Even after the updated app, you are new to the use of it. Right, and I have a question on how to get Skype notifications on the lock screen of the iPhone.

Don’t worry; we are with you forever; let’s go down and follow the steps to get a Skype notification on the lock screen of your iPhone. There are so many notifications, and you can set it as a different banner style. It’s nothing but a little message that you can see on your lock or unlock screen of the iPhone. If you don’t like lock screen notifications, then read our Tutorial on how to disable notifications on lock screen iPhone – Special for the latest iOS iPhone users, you can easily manage voice and call notifications on your iPhone.

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Steps of getting Skype notification on Lock Screen iPhone

Step 1: Launch the Settings App on your iPhone > Swipe Down to Select Skype. (If Skype settings are not showing, then delete the Skype app and re-install it on your iPhone).

Open Settings App Select Skype on iPhone

Step 2: Tap on Notifications > Enable Allow Notifications > In Alert Menu, Check the box at the bottom of the Lock Screen > Then, Swipe down to the Lock Screen Appearance Menu and Tap on Show Previews > Choose Always.

Tap on Notifications Enable Allow Notification Enable Lock Screen Select Show Previews Choose Always on iPhone

That’s It!

Get the Right Skype Notification on your iPhone

Customize the Skype notification from app settings, PUSH Notifications, IN-APP Notifications, Chat Notifications, Do Not Disturb, and Email Notifications. Follow the below steps,

Step 1: Launch the Skype app on your iPhone > Tap on your Skype Profile From the top Left Corner.

Open Skype App Tap on your Profile on iPhone

Step 2: Swipe Down to Tap on Settings > Select Notifications.

Select Settings Tap on Notifications on iPhone

Step 3: Toggle the Notification types you want to receive on your Skype account.

Receive Toggle the notification types on iPhone

Now, you can easily get notifications with the lock screen. If you miss a call now, you will see the name of the caller and when the call was made.

Let us know about you and which apps almost you keep running in the background. Also, leave your reply in the comment section below on how useful this tip is for getting a Skype notification on a lock screen iPhone. Like it? Share.

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