10 Best video calling apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

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The demand for video calling apps has substantially increased with the increasing work-from-home culture. Video calling apps are useful when obtaining the most realistic face-to-face calling experience. If you are an iPhone or iPad user, you must be familiar with reliable video-calling apps that can help you stay connected with your colleagues, friends, family, spouse, etc. They are useful for online meetings, educational sessions, casual calls to friends and family, etc.

The increasing popularity of these apps has let developers release more advanced versions of the prevailing video-calling apps for iPhones and iPads. You must note that an Internet connection is essential to call through these free video call apps. Most of these apps can be found on AppStore, which allows you to get them at zero additional costs. Let’s get acquainted with the details of some of the best video calling apps for iPhone and iPad.

1. Google Meet

Google Meet video calling apps for iPhone and iPad
Google Meet

The best video call app on this list – Google Meet. This is an upgraded version of Google Duo. It lets you securely network and collaborate with a superior video-calling experience. You can conveniently and immediately video call your friends and family or arrange a meeting in advance. You can connect with anybody, anywhere, on the web, mobile, tablet, and smart devices. From a single place, you can host meetings and video calls.

With group calling, you can easily connect with multiple people at once. You can set up an online meeting for up to 100 people. Google Meet is also renowned for its noise cancellation feature, allowing everybody to be heard and seen clearly. Moreover, low-light mode ensures a comfortable video-calling experience in the dark.


  • Easy access on any device
  • Safe chat experience
  • Anybody can join via an invitation
  • Allows adding real-time captions
  • Bug fix supported


  • Signal quality can be improved

2. WhatsApp 

Whatsapp video calling apps for iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp is a popular free video calling and messaging app powered by Meta. It is regarded as one of the top video-calling apps because it is used by over 2 billion people in 180+ countries. It is a free video call app because it is easy to use, private, and reliable. One of its best aspects is that it works on desktop and mobile even on slow connections. No subscription fees are charged.

It is one of the most secure Video Calling Apps since all your messages and calls are encrypted. Nobody outside your chats, not even WhatsApp, could read or listen to your calls and messages. You only require your phone number; no logins or user names. Furthermore, you can rapidly view your contacts.


  • Keeps connected in real-time
  • End-to-end encryption for group chat
  • Simple and secure connections
  • Decent video quality
  • Works even on slow connections


  • May ban some users

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams video calling apps for iPhone and iPad
Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a high-quality video calling app iPhone renowned for working with colleagues on a project. It conveniently and instantly brings people together to accomplish their tasks effectively. Moreover, it is the only app that supports events, communities, channels, chats, storage, meetings, tasks, and calendars. All these features are available in one place. Hence, you can effortlessly connect and handle access to data.

Within seconds, you can set up a meeting and invite anybody by sharing a calendar invite or a link. The app allows you to have a one-to-one chat with your whole community. Besides, you can make a dedicated community to discuss topics or plans. You can easily organize chats with channels and teams based on specific projects and topics.

4. Discord

Discord video calling apps for iPhone and iPad

Discord lets you create a home for your friends and communities. It is regarded as one of the best video calling apps for iPhone and iPad because it lets you send & receive text, video calls, and voice chat with anybody, anywhere. Whether you are part of a gaming group, a school club, a global art community, or simply a few friends, this app is handy.

The app’s servers are arranged into topic-based channels that allow you to network, share, organize meetings, or chat with friends. The voice chat feature lets you directly message a friend or call them. You can talk with somebody even while gaming. Moreover, easy image sharing makes you a meme messenger.


  • Can create an invite-only place
  • Voice channels simplify hangout
  • Low latency for video and voice chats
  • Topic-specific channels supported
  • Easy communication with friends while gaming


  • Cluttered interface due to many buttons

5. Zoom 

Zoom video calling apps for iPhone and iPad

This business video call app lets you work from around the globe. It supports calls, chats, meetings, whiteboards, and more. You can easily communicate with external and internal contacts. It is straightforward to send and receive calls or send text messages. You can set up a video meeting and join with a single click. The app supports channels and chats for file sharing, messaging, and more. You can easily share and explain content during meetings.

Apple CarPlay support keeps you focused on the road and avoids the odds of accidents. Customizing Siri Shortcuts enables hands-free voice commands. You can set up a meeting or call between compatible devices with a single click. The ‘Split View’ feature lets you multitask on your iPhone or iPad.


  • SSO support available
  • Hands-free voice commands supported
  • Easy scheduling a video meeting
  • Let you stay focused on the road
  • Content sharing allowed during the meeting


  • Lacks the option to sign as a cohost

6. Messenger

Messenger video calling apps for iPhone and iPad

Messenger is a popular free video call app for iPhones that supports text messaging, voice calls, video calls, group video chats, and more. It is a comprehensive communication app that fulfills all your communication needs anytime, anywhere. The cross-app messaging and calling functionality lets you connect with Instagram friends. You need to search them by name/username.

The latest privacy settings let you determine who can reach you and where your messages are sent. You can easily customize your reactions using a myriad of emojis. You can select colors and fun themes to make your chats appear more personal. Moreover, the ‘Dark Mode’ turns off the lights to provide some rest to your eyes.


  • Supports cross-app messaging and calling
  • Unlimited free phone calls and texts
  • Dark mode ensures eye protection
  • Includes various stickers, GIFs, emojis
  • Various chat themes included


  • Internet connectivity issue

7. Skype

Skype video calling apps for iPhone and iPad

When it comes to accessing cutting-edge video calling features, Skype serves as the best free video call app. It is integrated with Bing, i.e., the latest AI-drive co-pilot, which you can use for free. The inclusion of ChatGPT in Skype lets you ask any question and get an instant response; no technical knowledge is required. Moreover, you can ask questions to ChatGPT in your native language and get the most fascinating questions.

One of the best features is free video calls with up to 100 people. In addition to video chat, you can send emojis and voice messages and share your screen to demonstrate your work. If you want more privacy, you can acquire a Skype Number. The corresponding process is private and affordable.


  • Provides up-to-date news
  • Free Skype-to-Skype calls
  • High-level privacy
  • Provides movie recommendations
  • Comfortable screen sharing allowed


  • Video quality affected by poor Internet

8. Viber 

Viber video calling apps for iPhone and iPad

Viber is the best online video calling app in terms of privacy, security, and dynamic features. It allows you to connect with over a billion people globally. Some noteworthy aspects that make it one of the best video-calling apps are reminders, group chats, and disappearing messages. You can relish unlimited Viber-to-Viber calls with a maximum of 50 persons and have crystal-clear video and audio calls to anybody globally.

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The end-to-end encryption ensures privacy for 1-1 chats, calls, and group chats. This feature lets you communicate reliably, knowing that all your private messages are private only. Even Viber can’t read your messages. Furthermore, you can react to messages using emojis to show how you feel in 1-on-1 and group chats.


  • Self-destructing message supported
  • End-to-end encryption ensures privacy
  • Lots of GIFs and stickers included
  • Various file formats supported
  • Crystal-clear video and audio calls


  • Occasional app crash issue

9. JusTalk 

JusTalk video calling apps for iPhone and iPad

The qualities like easy-to-use, reliability, privacy, security, and interesting features make JusTalk the best quality video calling app. It lets you relish face-to-face conversations with friends and family without missing any moments. You can have free HD-quality video or voice calls via Wi-Fi or on-the-go (2.5G/3G/4G/5G). The app also lets you share photos, play games, and record calls with family and friends. Hence, these functionalities can make your conversations more interesting.

You can send & receive photos, videos, voices, GIFs, stickers, locations, and more 1-on-1 or in a group chat for a maximum of 200 members. The ‘Night Vision’ feature illuminates your background and the person you communicate with in the dark.


  • Compatible with various devices and OS
  • Reduced data usage
  • High-quality and high-definition video calls
  • Easy to add new friends
  • Bug fix supported


  • Some ads included

10. FaceTime 

FaceTime video calling apps for iPhone and iPad

In terms of the latest features that streamline your video call experience, FaceTime is the best free live video call app. You can simultaneously listen to music and watch videos with SharePlay. The shared controls and synced playback keeps everybody on the same beat. The smart volume simplifies your conversation on FaceTime while you enjoy listening to a song or watching a video. 

Through a web link, you can invite friends to this app. It is possible to join those friends who don’t use an Apple device. Such friends can instantly join the call from their browser; no login is required. One of the best features is Voice Isolation, which highlights your voice and blocks ambient noise. Mute alerts inform you when you’re speaking while muted.


  • Different trendy video effects supported
  • Flexible and superior quality calling experience
  • Grid view informs who is speaking
  • High-resolution screen output
  • Mute alerts supported


  • The menu and button disappear after some time

In terms of audio and video quality, seamless connectivity, easy device access, end-to-end encryption, and ease of sharing, these are the best video-calling iOS apps to consider. In addition to providing a lifelike video call experience, they make your video chat more fascinating using stickers, GIFs, themes, etc. Most apps support high-resolution display output so you can communicate without blur issues. You can arrange online meetings within seconds and invite anybody through easy sharing. Ensure you properly go through the details of each video calling app discussed above to make an informed decision conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q-1. Why is video calling the best?

Video calling is one of the best communication tools for various reasons. One of the greatest reasons is that it offers face-to-face interaction that lets you interact with the individual you are communicating with in real time. Consequently, it adds a human touch that voice calls or text may lack. Generally, non-verbal cues like eye contact, smiles, frowns, etc., are crucial to effective communication. Video calling lets you choose these cues and make your conversation more understandable. Moreover, video calling minimizes understandings that may arise from simple text communication. You can have video calls with anyone in any part of the world. The intent and tone appear clearer when you see and hear the individual.

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Q-2. Which app has high-quality video calling?

Zoom Meeting is considered the best video conference app when the matter comes to high-quality video calling. It is a Cloud-based service allowing you to connect with others virtually via video-only-audio-only, or both when simultaneously communicating on live chats. This app lets you set up chats with internal or external contacts immediately. With a single click, you can arrange a video meeting or join. The ability to enable HD video ensures a high-quality video call experience. Other features allowing high-quality video calls include adding filters, changing virtual backgrounds, using studio effects, and activating low light adjustment.

Q-3. How do I share Calls from iPhone to iPad?

You can send and receive calls on your iPad through Wi-Fi Calling to share phone calls through an iPhone. Ensure your iPad and iPhone run on iPadOS 13, iOS 9, OS X 10.10, or later. Firstly, you must set up FaceTime on both devices, and it is important to have the Apple ID logged in as well. Now follow the below steps:
Step-1: Open Settings > Cellular on your iPhone.
Step-2: If your iPhone uses dual SIM, select a line (below SIMs).
Step-3: Click “Calls on Other Devices” and activate “Allow Calls on Other Devices.”
Step-4: Select your iPad and other devices to send and receive calls.
Step-5: Open your iPad and navigate to Settings > FaceTime.
Step-6: Now turn on “FaceTime and Calls” from the iPhone. 
Step-7: You may need to turn on Wi-Fi Calling if asked.

Q-4. Is Google Meet safe for couples?

Google Meet is developed as a video conferencing and collaboration platform principally targeted at professional use, educational institutions, and businesses. It is a safe video calling app, but there may be better video call apps for couples. It may not work as a highly intuitive and private platform for personal conversations. Google collects user data for different purposes, like enhancing its services and targeting ads. However, if privacy concerns personal conversations, you should select a platform with more powerful privacy features. Since Google Meet is created for larger group interactions, private conversations among couples may need to be more user-friendly. Eventually, choosing to use Google Meet or some other platform for private conversations among couples depends on your comfort with the app’s privacy and security features.

Q-5. Can WhatsApp video calls be recorded?

Yes, WhatsApp video calls can be recorded. There exist various valid reasons to record a WhatsApp conversation. Some reasons include –gathering evidence, recording a meeting, for research purposes, etc. Although WhatsApp doesn’t have native support for call recording, it is possible to record WhatsApp calls. WhatsApp often needs to record calls for data security and compliance reasons. All WhatsApp voice calls traffic is routed via their servers. This suggests they can collect and monitor all the data you transmit and receive. WhatsApp doesn’t delve deep into how much data is collected. Moreover, WhatsApp can provide that information to governmental organizations to defend the public from criminals.

Q-6. Why is my video call not clear?

Various reasons justify why a video call is unclear or suffers from quality issues. Such issues can arise from different factors, including environmental, technical, and network-related issues. Inadequate Internet bandwidth can lead to bad video quality, frozen frames, or pixilation. If several devices are connected to a single network and consume considerable bandwidth, it can lead to network congestion and severely impact your video call. Moreover, obsolete or less powerful devices may not effectively handle high-quality video calls. Consequently, it leads to freezing, lag, or poor video resolution. Low-quality cameras or poor lighting conditions can negatively affect the video’s clarity.

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