Lock screen notification not working in iOS 8 / 7: iPhone

Last Updated: Nov 1, 2014

In Notification center for iOS 8 have many added features as compare to iOS 7 notification centers. But Block/ turnoff/ disable/ enable notification coming from Mail, iMessage, iCloud, Updates, other social app notification like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp messenger app, setting is same in process and options in iOS 7 and iOS 8 both. Here in this post, you can get helps on when in your iPhone Lock screen notification not working in iOS 8 / iOS 7. By default lock screen notification should be turned on. But you can customize that, with lock screen setting options. In previous article I share how can turnoff/ disable notification from notification center and siri from lock iPhone screen.

Adjust lock time: Adjust auto lock screen time in iPhone and iPad.

Lock screen notification not working in iOS 8 / iOS 7: iPhone and iPad

Step 1

Go to the setting app, and launch it.

set setting for Lock screen notification not working in iOS 8
Setting app in iPhone and iPad

Step 2

Scroll down and choose the notification center.

setting for notification related setting
Notification center option in iPhone

Step 3

Inside the notification center, you can manage all the types of notification related problems.

Here you have to enable “Show on lock screen” option.

Enable on locked screen notification.
On locked screen notification

Now you are done, you should be able to receive notification, when Lock screen notification not working in iOS 8 / iOS 7 iPhone and iPad.

Note: if you want to stop notification, coming in notification center. Then Disable “Show in Notification center” option in same screen, Setting > Notification center > Show in notification Center

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Note: after apply above step, you can’t get notification for particular app, then you can go on particular app setting. Then you have to manage notification coming in your iPhone and iPad device for other third party app only.

How you feel?, have you any problem coming with error. Please comment in below. We will get in touch as soon possible with solution. Don’t miss this useful tip “ Lock screen notification not working in iOS 8 or enable alert on locked screen or alert messages not displaying in notification center” to other.