Blue or Grey Crescent Moon Icon in Messages & Status Bar: What Is Mean Half Moon

🗓️ January 23, 2021 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelIcons are the easiest way to tell something without occupying the space, till now you’ve seen different icons on the iPhone Status Bar, some are known, while others are not. To make it easy for you, we’ve prepared a separate article for the iPhone Status Bar and Control Center Icons and also for Apple Watch. Still, there are doubts regarding the Crescent Moon Icon on iPhone like what does a Grey text message mean on iPhone, why is there a crescent moon next to text? To answer all your queries and doubts, we’ve made this detailed article referring to the Crescent Moon Icon, and how to remove it.

First of all, if you see an icon in-app or iPhone Status Bar, assume that a feature is running in the background, by showing the icon, iPhone notifies you about it. Know what do the symbols next to text messages mean and how to remove them.

iPhone Text Message Symbols Meaning

There are different places and situations where you can see Moon Icon on iPhone, here they are.

1. Moon Symbol on iPhone Status Bar

The Moon symbol on the iPhone status bar only appears when Do not Disturb is enabled. If you’ve activated the Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone or iPad, you won’t receive alerts for phone calls, text messages, notifications from apps, unless there’s an exception.

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To disable or remove the Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone, open the Control Center and tap on the Moon icon.

  • Alternatively, visit the Settings app > Do Not Disturb. Disable “Do Not Disturb” it.

2. Hide or Remove Moon Symbol in Messages App

On iPhone iMessages, Apple lets you mute the particular thread as we do in social apps like WhatsApp. This will stop alerting you by Tone, Vibration, but still, the notifications will come. When you enable Do Not Disturb or Hide Alerts for specific contact the Moon icon will appear on the text message.

To get rid of the Moon icon from the text messages, unmute the contact.

  1. Go to the Messages app.
  2. Open the Conversation with the moon icon.
  3. Tap on the info button in the upper-right corner.

    Unmute alerts and Hide Alerts on Message

    Unmute alerts and Hide Alerts on Message

  4. Disable Hide Alerts or Do Not Disturb (iOS 10 or earlier).


  • Swipe it to the left to remove Blue or Green Half Moon/Crescent iCon, and Select Unmute button.

    Unmute Message for selected conversation on iPhone

    Unmute Message for a selected conversation on iPhone

3. Difference Between Blue and Gray Moon Icon Next to Message Conversation in List

Blue and Gray Moon half-moon on iPhone text message & Icons have their different meanings.

  • Blue Moon Icon: When you’ve any unread messages, the Blue Moon Icon will come up.
  • Gray Moon Icon: The Blue Moon Icon turns to Gray once you read the messages.

Hope this article guide you all about the Crescent or Half-moon icon on iPhone Messages app conversation or on Your iPhone status bar.

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