The Complete Apple Watch Icons & Symbols Guide (2024)

Over time, Apple Watch has got dozens of minor and major updates, some targeted bug fixes while a few changed the way how we use the Apple Watch. Your Apple Watch is incredibly packed with fitness, and smart features like Parental Control, Water Lock, Theatre Mode, and more. While on a small display, it’s hard to show the text on the screen, therefore, they assign an icon to each feature as an indicator.

Your Apple Watch has tones of Icons, some are known while some are new and if you’ve just moved from Android to Apple, then must read this article to end. We’ve covered all the major Apple Watch Icons meanings and how they can be of use for you.

All Apple Watch icons & Symbols Meanings List

1. Red Dot Icon

The Red Dot icon on the Apple Watch indicates that you’ve unread notifications on the Apple Watch. Simply swipe down Watch face from the middle, to look at the unread notifications on the iWatch.

2. Green Flash Icon

Charging Status icon on Apple Watch

When the Apple Watch is on charging, you’ll see Green Flash Icon showing that the Watch is currently charging.

3. Red Flash Icon

Low Battery Apple Watch iCon on Charge

The Red Flash Icon alerts you that your Apple Watch battery is low and immediately it needs to be connected to the charger.

4. Water Lock Icon

Water Lock icon apple Watch

When your Apple Watch shows Water Lock Icon, it means your Watch won’t respond to the accidental touches when it is exposed to water. You can unlock the Water Lock by rotating the Digital Crown until it starts beeping. Alongside, it will clear the water from the Watch’s speaker.

5. Do Not Disturb Icon (Half Moon)

Half moon icon on apple watch or Half moon

Do Not Disturb Icon stays the same, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. When the DND Mode is enabled on Apple Watch, the Moon icon will show up and the Watch won’t alert you for Calls and Messages. Though, the Alarm works on Do Not Disturb mode.

6. Airplane Mode Icon

Apple watch-airplane-mode-icon

Airplane Mode disconnects the Apple Watch from all the wireless connections, so if you see the Airplane Mode button on the Watch, it indicates that your iWatch is disconnected from wireless connections.

7. Lock Icon

Apple watch locked icon

Usually, when you take off the Apple Watch from the wrist, and when the Wrist Detection is turned on, the Apple Watch will automatically lock itself and the Lock icon appears in the middle. You’ll need to enter the Apple Watch Passcode to unlock it.

8. Two-Face iCon – Theatre Mode Icon

two Face theater mode icon on Apple Watch

This is one of the best features of the Apple Watch when the Theatre Mode is enabled, the Apple Watch screen won’t light up on notifications and alerts. As the name suggests, you can use it while watching a movie in Theatre or also during bedtime to sleep peacefully. Stop Showing Two-Face icon by Turn off Theater mode, Todo, Swipe up a finger to open the control center and Turn on Theater mode.

9. Bedtime iCon on Apple Watch

Bed icon on Apple Watch

The Green Bedtime icon on the apple watch alert you Bedtime is turned on your apple watch so, you can get disturbed from the apple watch. Like Phone calls, Notifications, and Other Activities recording. Using this Bedtime mode, Apple Watch users collect precious sleep data in a health app. That’s the important role for your Health. Also, we can turn it on from the apple watch control center by swipe up on the apple watch face screen.

10. iPhone Disconnected Icon

iPhone Disconnected icon on Apple Watch

If the Apple Watch disconnects from iPhone due to some reason, then this icon shows up on the Apple Watch. Keep the Apple Watch and iPhone closer, if it doesn’t resolve, restart the Apple Watch and iPhone to refresh the firmware.

11. iPhone Connected Icon

iPhone connected icon on Apple Watch - Green Phone icon

This Green icon signifies that the Apple Watch is paired and connected to the iPhone. Usually, you will find this icon in the Control Center of the Apple Watch.

12. Workout Icon

Apple Watch Workout icon

While using the Workout App, this icon will appear to signify that you’re on Workout and tap on it to pause or end the workout.

13. No Cellular Network Icon (Cross Icon)

No Cellular Network icon or Cellular Disconnected on Apple Watch

As the name suggests, when the Apple Watch (GPS+Cellular) has no network, this symbol would come up.

14. Location Indicator Icon

Arrow on Apple Watch for location-services-status-icon

Not to mention, this is a Location Icon, whenever any App on Apple Watch is using the Location, you’ll see this icon. Besides, it may appear if you’re using the Apple Watch Face that shows Weather or location-based details.

15. Wi-Fi Icon

Apple Watch Wifi Status-icon

I assume you know how the Wi-Fi icon looks like. It will appear when the Apple Watch is connected to the Wi-Fi network.

16. Wireless Activity Icon

Wireless Activity Icon on Apple Watch

This is the Wireless Activity symbol, and you’ll see when any Wireless Activity is in process on the Apple Watch.

17. Mic Icon

Apple watch-ask-siri-icon - Mic icon on Apple Watch

It indicates that your Apple Watch is recording the audio in the background. This icon will appear on Watch Face while using Siri, Dictation, or Calling Someone.

18. LTE Icon

Apple Watch-cellular-connectivity-status-icon

If you won GPS+Cellular Apple Watch, then the LTE icon will be there, this will help you get an idea about the signal strength of the network. Know from the number of dots.

19. Now Playing Icon

Music Playing iCon on Apple Watch

Whenever any music playing on the Apple Watch, the Now Playing icon gives us easy access to open the media and let’s control it.

20. Call Icon

Call icon on Apple Watch

The Call icon will when you’re on call either on iPhone or Apple Watch. Tap on the call icon to see more options.

21. Maps Icon

map icon on apple watch

When the Maps app is being used on the Apple Watch, you’ll see the Maps icon.

22. Navigation Icon

Apple Watch Navigation-arrow-nav-icon

Navigation icon will show up when Apple Watch is showing directions using a third-party application.

23. Walkie-Talkie Icon

Apple Watch-walkie-talkie-status-icon

If the Walkie-Talkie feature is enabled on your Apple Watch, this icon will display. Plus, if you see this icon, meaning anyone can contact you over Walkie-Talkie.

24. Sleep Mode

It shows your Apple Watch is in Sleep Mode.

25 Target looking [Activity Ring]

Target looking activity ring on Apple Watch

Circle Ring with Different colors [Red, Green, and Blue] showing on Apple Watch Face or Home screen. What is mean? This is the Activity App icon, Dynamic ring is target assigned for Move [Red Ring], Excercise[Green Ring], and Stand Up [Blue Ring].

Control Center and App Icons

Apple Watch’s new customized control center redesigned just like iOS and iPadOS. We can Edit or Re-Arrange Shortcut control on Apple Watch. To open the control center, Swipe up your finger from the bottom edge of the Apple Watch screen and Enable Apple Watch settings directly from the control center.

How to Add/Remove or Re-Arrange Control Apple Watch Control Center? Scroll down on Control center, Tap on Edit option, and All the Control will jiggle and Showing Minus Red button for Remove from the control center. Also, we can Re-Arrange by Drage it using a finger in Edit mode. Finally, Tap on Done to Save the changes in the last of the control center.

25. Cellular Icon

Cellular Icon on apple watch control center

When the Cellular Data is enabled, the Cellular icon will appear. Cellular networks can be used over eSIM.

26. Wi-FI Icon

Wifi icon on Apple Watch Control center

Toggle Wi-Fi On and Off, by tapping on this button.

27. Ping iPhone

Ping iPhone from Apple Watch icon

To locate a misplaced iPhone, tap on the Ping button, doing this will make a beep sound on the iPhone. Alternatively, when you touch and hold the Ping button, the iPhone will start Flashing along with a beep sound, it makes it easier to find the iPhone in dark areas.

28. Battery Percentage

Check Apple Watch Battery from Control center

It shows the current battery status of the Apple Watch. Tap and Hold on on the Battery Percentage button to explore more options such as Power Reserve. and Know Battery Percentage of External Bluetooth accessories like AirPods, Pro, Max.

29. Silent Mode

Silent mode icon on apple watch control center

Enable and Disable Silent Mode by tapping on this Silent button. Just like the mute button on the apple watch. That’s alternatives to Do Not Disturb mode. You will get alert but won’t disturb by sound.

30. Flashlight

Torch icon on Apple Watch control center

Tap on the Flashlight button to enable and disable the Flashlight on Apple Watch. Choose between three different flashlight modes from the same. Once Your Apple Watch Screen goes white or Sharpen then change the Flash light color by swipe it to left.

31. AirPlay

Airplay icon on Apple Watch Control center

Manage the AirPlay devices from this option. And Stream Music or media directly from apple watch to Big screen or Connect Bluetooth Device directly from Apple Watch control center just like iPhone.

32. Parental Control, Schooltime icon (Icon Looks like Student Raising Hand)

Schooltime icon on apple watch control center

The latest watchOS introduced certain features and this one is great, where you can control your kid’s Apple Watch usage. Keep your Apple Watch Updated with Latest WatchOS, and Open control center on Apple Watch by Swipe up finger on Watch Face, Enable Schooltime toggle, Your Apple Watch screen show Yellow Dial only, To exit Schooltime mode, Rotate Digital Crown button and Your apple watch is unlocked for use, Then Tap on Exit to finally stop Schooltime mode.

33. Headphone Accommodation, Hearing or Live Listen

Turn on Hearing or Live Listen on Apple Watch

The Ear icon on the Apple Watch control center allows users to enable Hearing on a compatible Hearing device.

34. Square Box with a Squiggly in the Left Corner

Square Box with a Squiggly in the Left Corner

If your apple watch has active Siri by enabling it on your iPhone. New Message on Apple Watch you can directly listen on your Paired Headphone that’s called “Announce Messages with Siri“. Siri Will play audio messages and users can reply directly on the apple watch using the Siri command.

35. Two Mask Faces icon on Apple Watch

Theater mode icon on Apple Watch Control center

People are using This mode to stop lightning apple watch face while raising wrist. Technically this Mode is really users in Theater, Without any interruption, we can enjoy darkroom and Theater. Some people are also using this mode for Batter sleep at night.

36. Bed icon on Apple Watch Contol Center

Enable Bedtime on Apple Watch control center

To quickly turn on and turn off Bedtime for apple watch. To get better sleep, Bedtime will manage all the Phone calls, Messages, and Notifications by simply turn on Bedtime mode. Here’s how to setup bedtime on Apple Watch and iPhone.

37. Water icon on Apple Watch Control Center

Water lock icon on Apple Watch in control center

Just Before diving into the Water or Swimming pool, Enable Water Lock mode from your Apple Watch control center. Swipe up and Tap on the Water icon button, Now, your apple watch Prevent Water damage. To Turn off Water Lock, Scroll the digital crown button and you will get a Water eject sound. That’s it. When the Water lock is turned on for your apple watch, you will see a small Blue color water icon at the top center.

Still, are you confused about any icon on the apple watch? then comment in the below comment box.

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