Here’s the control Homepod with Touch Gestures: Very Important tips

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelApple’s smart sound system – HomePod also work very smartly like other HomePod alternatives. Here is the list of basic and essential control HomePod Touch Gesture for operating apple HomePod from Touch Surface.

Otherwise, we know that HomePod is very smart for remotely control Homekit accessories, but this touch command ready to use while you won’t play or control remotely from iPhone or using Siri.

Try these commands for Control HomePod with Touch Gesture

1 HomePod Touch Gestures

How to Control Your HomePod Music Playback control with the touch surface

Single Tap: Single tap on the top face of HomePod and instantly play or Push song

Double Tap: Skip current song and move to next track

Triple Tap: Move back to a previous track by a triple tap on the top Touch surface.

Dismiss HomePod Alarm and Timer:

  • Touch Control: Top of HomePod, Tap anywhere.
  • Using Siri Command: Say “Hey Siri, stop.” 

Turn on VoiceOver on HomePod

VoiceOver automatically turned on if your iPhone has VoiceOver On during initial HomePod setup.

VoiceOver Touch Control: Touch and Hold on HomePod.

On Home App > Tap on HomePod > Details > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Enable VoiceOver.

Touch Control requires extra tap when VoiceOver Activated.

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Adjust Touch Sensitivity on HomePod: Open Home App > Tap on HomePod > Details > Accessibility > Tap on Touch Accommodations.

Route the call on HomePod: During the received call on iPhone, Tap on Audio > And Choose HomePod. To Put the Current call on Hold, Touch on a Greenlight.

For and the current call and Answer new one, Touch and Hold on a green light.

1 Route Audio call to HomePod from iPhone

Control your HomePod Volume with the touch surface: Volume Up and Down

Quickly Control HomePod Volume (increasing/ decreasing without Siri)

Tap Volume Up Button Once: Increment Volume serially.

Tap and Hold on Volume Up button: Continuously increase HomePod volume

Tap Volume (–) Button once: decease Volume on HomePod.

Tap and Hold on Volume Down Button: To continuously decrease HomePod Volume down button

How to Activate Hey Siri on HomePod with the touch surface

Activate Siri Manually, Hey Siri not working on HomePod. Touch and Hold on HomePod Touch Surface, To Activate Siri.

Now Speak your Siri command.

You can command for volume down, Up, Change Song & Track, Playlist, Control Homekit accessories (Smart Electronic item, Apple TV)

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