Do clubhouse moderators get paid? Get Answer here of 2024

Do clubhouse moderators get paid? The new exclusive invite-only and voice-only app is making all the rounds on the internet. The app had managed to raise a $1 billion valuation even before it had a business plan. Fastest Growing Social app now covering most of the Mobile platforms, Android, iPhone, and Desktop soon.

After making its debut last year, it has over 2 million users now, despite being invite-only. CEO Paul Davison told CNN that the social media app is looking at ways to monetize its creators’ platform. According to its founders, Rohan Seth and Bruce Davison, this new buzzy audio-based social network wants active users to be able to “make a living” directly on the app.

Let’s find out the whole story.

How does Clubhouse make money?

The company announced its latest fundraising round on January, 24th along with providing a touching sketch of the revenue-generating tactics it plans to start in about the next few months.

Influencers are significant because, without them, most sites cannot attract their audience or make real money out of subscriptions, advertising, and various other approaches. The Clubhouse has recently begun actively courting influencers by paying creators who post popular content for their new TikTok-style Spotlight function.

The app’s revenue plan is similar to the crowd-funding service Patreon’s model. Patreon allows independent creators to receive funds from their audience directly. Patreon takes a small fee from these transactions, and it’s unclear how much or if the Clubhouse app would take a percentage of the subscription.

The app most recently became an overnight sensation when Tesla CEO Elon Mask joined the platform to discuss a range of topics on the site. Following this, in a blog post of January 24, the co-founders Rohan Seth and Bruce Davison talked about their just-closed $100 million series B funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. They valued the company at up to $1.4 billion.

The co-founders wrote, “We, as creators of the Clubhouse app, want to ensure that each of the amazing people who live in this world and host conversations for others get their due recognition for their contribution.” In addition to this, they stated, “In the next few coming months, we as creators, plan to launch the first app tests that will enable creators to earn and get paid directly. It can be through interesting features like tipping, show tickets, or easy subscriptions. We will also introduce a portion of the new funding program round to deliver a Creator Grant Program. The program would aim at supporting emerging Clubhouse creators.”

Tips to Get More Free Followers on Clubhouse

On CNN’s SquawkBox interview, Davidson said, “There are several incredible people out there who are smart, funny, and who have superbly domain expertise. They are great at collaborating with people on a single platform. And we as creators, want to enable them to make a good living directly on the Clubhouse app through elements like subscriptions, scheduled ticketed events, and receiving tips from eager listeners who happily would pay them directly for the amazing listening experience that they create for them.”

Currently, users cannot pay for content directly through the app. The platform is free, and it has neither advertisement nor premium plans for the users. The founder said that the app plans on introducing some model “sooner rather than later.”

How to Make Money on Clubhouse App?

Can you make money on the Clubhouse app? Yes, you can share your ideas on Club or creating room via clubhouse and can divert listeners and your followers to your website or social media handle. For that, you will have to add a more clear profile on your clubhouse bio. you can get here powerful clubhouse bio ideas.

Do You Get Paid on Clubhouse App?

Can you get paid from the clubhouse app? No, you don’t get any pay to use Clubhouse App. Just you can use an Audio-only app to share your ideas to your similar interest concerned audience.

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