How to Add Date to the Menu Bar on Mac, MacBook Monterey/Big Sur: Change Date/Time Format

Last Updated on Jul 31, 2021

Do you need to see the Date and Time, frequently? You might have thought, that why shouldn’t I use Apple Watch or iPhone to check the time and date. But I’ve got a better option for you, instead of repeatedly unlocking the iPhone or Apple Watch to see the time, you can add date and time to the Menu bar on Mac and MacBook. Your Mac’s menu bar is not that efficient to show the calendar or change date format by using the default settings.

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But then when we look at the positive side, all these add-ons clutters the menu bar. Once you add the date and time format to the menu bar on macOS, there are few more customization options available like to View as Analog or View as Digital, Show Seconds, Show Flash timer separators and more. These tricks support on all Version on MacOS.

How to Show Date and Time on Mac Menu Bar

How to Add Date and Time to The Menu Bar On MacOS

These are the basic stepwise guides that’ll answer your question, how do I add the date to my Mac menu bar. And Customize with hide Date, Show Date, Show AM/PM in Menu Bar, Display the time with seconds and more.

For MacOS Monterey or Later

  1. Click on Apple Logo from Top mac menu > System Preferences.finder-system-preferences-option-on-mac-2
  2. Open Dock & Menu Bar.dock-and-menu-bar-settings-for-mac-in-macos-monterey-or-later
  3. under the Section Menu Bar Only, Select Clock > and see all the custom settings for Show Clock on Menu
  • Hide or Show the day of the week
  • Show Date
  • Display Time in Analog or Digital icon
  • Use a 24 Hour Clock
  • Show AM/PM
  • Flash the time Separator
  • Display the time with seconds

Tips: Enable announce the time for On the Hour, On the Half Hour, On the Quater Hour with Customise Hour.enable-or-disable-announce-the-time-on-mac

Now, Your Mac will see the Date and Time Formate like this,


For MacOS Big Sur & Earlier

  1. Click on Apple Logo () From Top Mac Menu…
  2. Select System Preferences from the Apple menu.
  3. At the bottom, click on Date & Time.
  4. Now, to make changes you’ll probably need to Click on The Lock and enter the Administrator Password.
  5. Select the Clock tab next to Time Zone.
  6. Check the box of the Show date and time in the menu bar.
Show Date & Time in Mac Menu Bar
Show Date & Time in Mac Menu Bar

Time options:

  • Digital or Analog: It lets you choose the clock type: Digital or Analog.
  • Display the time with seconds: Check the option only if you want to see the seconds next to the time.
  • Flash the time separators: This is quite similar to above, instead of showing seconds, the time separator will flash.
  • Use a 24-hour clock: Choose whether to use a 24-hour clock format or stay with a 12-hour clock format.
  • Show AM/PM: Select to see the AM and PM on Mac Menu Bar.

Date options:

  • Show the day of the week: This option will let you control whether to show Monday, Tuesday etc. days on the menu bar or not.
  • Show date: If you only want to see the time, then disable this option.

How to Show Date with Year in Mac Menu Bar?

There is no straightforward option to see the date with a year in the Mac menu bar, what you can do is click on the Date & Time widget and there you’ll see the date format like Tuesday, March 03, 2020, whereas, the Mac Menu Bar only shows Tue Mar 3.

Show Date with Year on Mac Menu Bar
Show Date with Year on Mac Menu Bar

How to Change Date Format on MacOS?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to change the date format of the Mac Menu bar. You’ve to stick with the default date format provided by Apple.

But if you don’t mind installing the third-party applications, then there are several apps that will let you customize the date and time widget of the Mac Menu Bar.

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