How to Customize Apple watch wake screen options Settings? Here’s Guide

Open watch app tap on general then tap wake screen

Do you have a question that how do I Customize my Apple Watch Wake Screen Settings? Your idea is so nice because now you can do it on your Apple Watch with or without iPhone. Generally, Apple Watch screen goes in sleep mode whenever you are not working with it. Even though, some of the superior features for Apple Watch to waking it up most comfortable. For instance, by raising your wrist, tapping on Apple Watch screen, as well by seeing automatically the last app you launched. Now, go ahead few steps and Customize your Apple Watch Wake Screen using mentioned Guide.

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To Access Wake Screen Feature on Apple Watch

Following the order, wise steps will let reach you to Apple Watch Wake screen settings,

Step #1. Open the Watch App on your iPhone, or you can open Settings on your Watch.

Step #2. Next, Scroll down the screen Tap General.

Step #3. Again, Scroll down to tap Wake Screen.

This same Wake Screen settings sections, you can also see the same setting on your Apple Watch also,

Open watch app tap on general then tap wake screen

As you get the screen, there are few sections appear on the screen that I have explained below;

  • Wake Screen on Wrist Raise

One of the ideal way to wake you Apple Watch. As you might using this way to perk up your Apple SmartWatch automatically. Enabled wake screen on wrist raise toggle Apple Watch is always ready to give wake screen functions to its wrister like you.

For Accuracy and convenience, the user makes sure that

Tap on General > Watch Orientation to make your selection right or left. Then, enable the Wake Screen on Wrist Raise option by moving the toggle to green.

  • Auto-Launch Audio Apps

Best for control Music, audiobook, Podcasts on the go, instead of picking up your phone to control playback via control center on the lock screen.

  • On-Screen Wake Show last App

Easily get last opened up, for example, you leave the calendar app, and for a reason, you don’t see on your watch. Then after you activate your Apple Watch screen that time, it will instantly show you Calendar App.

  • On Tap

In this section, you can see two options included Wake for 15 seconds and Wake for 70 seconds. We can say this is the battery saver feature for the Apple Watch.

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