Best Calendar Apps for iPhone, iPad of 2023

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There are lots of calendar apps for iOS devices. But here you can find the best calendar apps for your iPhone and iPad among all of them. If you are not satisfied with built-in calendar apps, then you can use these best calendar apps for iPhone and iPad which are given below. These apps are compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. These all are the best Calendar iOS app alternatives. Speaking of myself I have a lot of bad habits in lifelike forgetting small things, making to-do lists and not completing them, and much more. I tried so much to improve myself, but lastly, I always end up with bad results. But then I found the best way to make every single day of my life organized using the best calendar app for the iPhone.

These apps are far better than social media apps, with these apps you can set reminders, dates, events, tasks to complete, and much more.

List of Best Calendar Apps for iPhone and iPad

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What Calendar App Comes with iPhone?

With iPhone, you get the pre-installed Apple’s own Calendar app. Aside from iPhone, it can be accessed from the iPad, Mac, and Web Browser, all you need is the iCloud Account. Use the same iCloud Account on Apple devices to access the Calendar App. The only downside is, Apple Calendar app isn’t available for Android devices but can be accessed via a web browser.

iPhone Calendar App Alternatives

#1. 24me Smart Personal Assistant24me

24me is an all-in-one app to manage your Schedules, To-Do Lists, Taking Notes, and many more things without switching between different apps. The main advantage to download this app is you don’t need to jump between applications to Take Notes or create a To-Do List. Besides, the interface is way more attractive and easy to use, even with all those facilities.

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You can sync the Calendar with all the popular Email Clients such as Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Exchange, etc. Apart from Calendar Alerts, it also sends you Weather Alerts, so you don’t miss an umbrella.

Download 24me App

#2. Microsoft Outlook CalendarMicrosoft Outlook App

To be honest, Microsoft Outlook Calendar App is specially designed for Windows users, with the aim to support the bigger corporations. That doesn’t mean, we can’t use it, even if you run a small business or need it for personal use, the Microsoft Outlook app is the last shot that manages all the emails and calendars in one place.

Besides, if you already own a Microsoft Office 365 premium account, then nothing is better than this calendar app to set reminders, schedules, and many more things.

Download Microsoft Outlook Calendar

#3. Timepage by Moleskine StudioTimepage by Moleskine

With the latest iOS 14 update, you can add the Timepage Widget to the iPhone Home Screen available in three different sizes. Plus, this app is compatible with Siri, which makes it easier to access certain features without opening the app. Day by day, the developers of the Timepage app are working to make the app interface better and light.

Fully customizable features let you personalize the calendar with a variety of theme color options, a month heatmap that gives a quick overview of your workload, and more. Get the membership to unlock more productive features.

Download Timepage

#4. TimeTree: Shared CalendarTimeTree App

TimeTree App is a great option if you’re looking for Group or Shared Calendar. I’d suggest this app, to organize the calendar schedules with your cousins, friends, and beloved ones, by this, it way easy to share your plans with family members. If you don’t like a full month view, then change it to Week or switch to List view, whichever is convenient for you.

In addition, it has support for creating Notes, To-Do Lists, can be operated from PC, and of course, add the widgets to the home screen for quick access.

Download TimeTree

#5. Vantage CalendarVantage Calendar

Vantage Calendar App is well-designed and unbeatable when it comes to theme and color options. I bet, its simplicity will win your heart, and force you to download. It features all the major features that you would need in daily routines, such as Custom Alerts, To-Do lists, No Ads, works with iCloud, Google or Exchange, Widgets, and more.

Organize your calendar like Stacks, mark down the important To-Dos and notes using Color Tags and Stickers, to tag evens. You can get a subscription at $9.99 to unlock more features.

Download Vantage Calendar

#6. Fantastical 2 Pro

Fantastical 2 Calendar and Reminders App for iPhone

This is the excellent best calendar app for iPhone users. The Good thing is the App is an award winner. By using this app, you will get your desired feature like the snooze option available for reminder notification and Fantastical event; New event messages in notification, Upcoming Birthday notification as well if you want to look some extra color in week view then you can manage it and so many.

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It is a Smart, Convenient, Flexible Calendar App. In advance, it gives dark and light theme support.

Furthermore, you can add your event and reminders using natural language. Download this searchable calendar app on your iPhone, iPad. This App also supports Apple Watch so you can access it on your wrist and get a quick action pop-up using Force Touch on the app icon.

Damn this is a superior and class best calendar app for iPhone and iPad. Fantastical support Google calendar, iCloud, Exchange, and more. Useful App for iOS 11 and later users.

Download for iOS

Download Fantastical 2 for iPad ($ 7.99)

#7. Calendars 5 ($ 6.99)

Calendars 5 by Readdle for iOS device

Calendars 5 best calendar app for iPhone and iPad, This app is developed by Readdle with a bunch of features such as Natural language input you need to write something, and Calendars 5 will create your event very handily for you.

Not that’s it, but the app also manages your task and completes your to-dos. Moreover, this is the first-class calendar for your iPad. Best calendar apps for iPhone and iPad For, new generation walk with some specialized app.

Also, an update of the app, Interface focused on an event; Day, Week, Month, and List views for your games; As well as app open work with online and offline.

Download for iOS

#8. Calendars by Readdle

Calendars app is a perfect match for you if you are using Google Calendars or iOS calendar apps on your iPhone. However, with its new update, the Calendars app allows you to manage the events offline as well as online. The calendars app supports all the major features like appointments, reminders, and much more which helps you to stay updated with your routine tasks.

Just drag and drop events, navigate between event time, dates, reminders, and much more with its unique interface and custom keyboard. Besides its ultra-fast syncing it will keep the Calendars app on all the devices up to date.

Download: iOS

#9. Google Calendar: Time Planner

View and edit events across all the devices on the go. To get an overview of what events are coming in next month or day or week, merely filter the events and get to know about them. Another benefit of using Google Calendar is to sync events on your Gmail account and determine the upcoming events right from Gmail. With its constant use, you will be habituated to accomplish your goals on time with its repeat scheduling feature.

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Download: iOS

#10. Tiny Calendar

Another critical best calendar app for iPhone and ipad is Tiny Calendar. Tiny Calendar is a combination of both a built-in iOS calendar and Google Calendar as per its interface. But compared to both those apps it is more reliable, powerful, and robust for iPhone. It works smartly as it predicts your tasks and helps you to add or edit events speedily.

None of the above calendars supports eight standard views like day, 4-days, week, month, mini-month, week agenda, agenda, and year. In places where you don’t get an internet connection, at that time you can create tasks, delete tasks, or edit tasks. Buy one subscription and across all your devices by paying for only one device.

Download: iOS

#11. PocketLife Calendar

If you are looking for a free yet best calendar app for iPhone, then PocketLife Calendar is worth downloading. It has been mainly designed for super-easy use with a stylish look — a far better way to organize your lifestyle with the latest features and customizable settings. It can sync the calendar across various platforms such as Google, iCal, Yahoo, Outlook, and iCloud with high speed. PocketLife Calendar features support for Apple Watch, AirDrop & AirPrint, Passcode protection, Display multiple calendars, Custom evens, and much more.

Download: iOS

#12. Cozy Family Organizer- Shared Calendar & Lists App for iPhone

Cozy Family Organizer is the easiest way to organize everyday family life as it offers reminders, a grocery list, and a shared calendar. To differentiate everyone’s schedule, it uses multiple colors, says no to confusion. You can set reminders, events, and much more for you and the family members so that you won’t miss any single important task.

Although it allows you to send the weekly or daily agenda to your family member. A notable thing about this app is all such precious features are available at no cost. Besides, due to its popularity, it has even won the Mom’s Choice Award Winner three times.

Download: iOS

#13. Productive-To Do List & Goals Planner Calendar App for your iOS device

The productive app is one of the best choices to set goals, track progress, and achieve something in your life. The key features of this goal planner app for iPhone are an easy-to-use interface, set quick reminders, schedule habits, and while everything is going on stay on track. Why should you download this app? Yeah, it is the big question.

I have a few answers to this question, its simplicity, customization, notification, statistics, and much more premium functions are waiting for you.

Download: iOS

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We pleasure; due to serve these best calendar apps for your iPhone and iPad.

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