How to Delete Apps from iCloud on iPhone 15, 14 (Any iPhone)

Searching for a way to free up iCloud storage without deleting photos & videos? Learn here How to Delete Apps from iCloud on any iOS device.

There are many people whose iPhone storage is full as well as iCloud storage, but they don’t want to buy more iCloud storage space. Considering this issue, we have concluded the best method through which their iCloud storage will get free as well as no need to buy extra storage. Usually, when it comes to cleaning up iCloud storage people delete photos and videos. Unfortunately, they have to delete the essential pictures too. I would like to suggest to them why not delete the apps stored in iCloud?

Today we will show you how to delete apps from iCloud on your iPhone. The process is straightforward, but carefully you have to follow the steps otherwise deleting the wrong application will result in data loss.

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How do I permanently delete an app from iCloud to Save Storage Space

The tutorial is divided into two parts; if you wish to delete the app from iCloud on iPhone, then part one is the most important. If you don’t follow part 1 of the tutorial, then the app will be removed from iCloud temporarily.

Part 1: Disable Apps to back up on iCloud Storage

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Your Profile Name.
  3. Select “iCloud.”
Open Settings AppTap Profile Name Click iCloud On iPhone
  1. Tap Show All
  2. Locate the application that you want to delete from iCloud. (Apps Using iCloud) – For example, I’m stopping Voice memos backup to iCloud. You can see my given screen example. In your case, you should turn off app toggle that you want to stop backup to iCloud.
  3. Turn the toggle to the left side next to the app.
Select Show All Enable Disable Toggle Voice Memos On iPhone
  1. You are willing to use iCloud by the app; just Keep this Enabled.

Part 2: Remove Unwanted Apps from iCloud

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Tap on the Profile name
  3. Click on iCloud
Open Settings AppTap Profile Name Click iCloud On iPhone
  1. From the screen tap on “Manage Account Storage”.
  2. Scroll the Screen tap on BackUps
  3. Choose Your Device that appears under the BACKUPS section. In my case, I have more than devices showing on-screen.
Select Manage Account Storage Tap Backups Click iPhone On iPhone
  1. So on this screen, you can see Last Backup, Backup Size, and Next Backup Size, as well as Apps with toggles to disable to enable.
  2. For example, I’m stopping the Instagram app from backing up on my iPhone. Let’s turn the toggle to the left side next to the Instagram app. Choose Turn Off and Delete from iCloud.
  3. Finally, Tap Turn OFF.

That’s it.

Enable Toggle Instagram Click Turn Off On iPhone

That’s it.

How to Permanently Delete Apps from App Store

After Deleting an app from the home screen and from iCloud backups, if you would like to fresh install the app but I think you don’t achieve the Get button, you will get a download from the cloud option.

Try the bottom steps to Get the GET button instead of re-install from Cloud with a down arrow option.

After deleting the app on your device from your iPhone

  1. Open the App Store
  2. Next, Click on the blue icon Profile Picture at the top right corner of the screen (a person inside of a circle above the search bar) to access your account
  3. Click on “Purchased
Open App Store Tap Games Click Profile Picture Select Purchased On iPhone
  1. Click on “My Purchases
  2. Find the Application that you want to remove and swipe to the left side to “hide” the app.
  3. Tap Done to save changes.
  4. Go back to App Store and reinstall by hitting “Get
Click My Purchases Tap Select App Left Side Then Hide Choose Done Button On iPhone

I hope, this found helpful in permanently deleting apps from the app store purchased list.

Hopefully, you learned how to delete apps from iCloud, in case you didn’t find this written tutorial helpful then you can also watch the video on our YouTube channel and get it done quickly.

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