How to Buy more iCloud Storage on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

secrate way to Buy more iCloud Storage on iPhone

The ultimate solution to take backup of your iPhone messages, Whatsapp Chat history, Contacts, Camera roll, Videos and much more on a single platform called Apple’s iCloud. Yes, Apple Gives 5GB Cloud storage free of charge on per Apple ID Account. After it to increase iCloud Storage space you have to buy more iCloud storage for iPhone, Mac, iPad. For that, you have to pay little bit dollars through Credit card and get rid of iCloud is full.

I believe that this article will become most helpful for the 16GB iPhone users. Mostly useful in the case, for example, iPhone happened damage and Apple store executive may be said that to repair damaged iPhone your data will be lost, so you must take up backup and then submit your iOS device at Apple Store to repair.

If You have big data to back up, another side there is no space available into iCloud to take back up of new data. therefore instead of thinking about third-party ways, you should go with purchase iCloud storage plan and get expanded. It’s a secure, trusted and easy to Restore option for you. if you don’t know how to purchase /buy more space. lets I will offer you at below with step by step guide.

Pros: You can access your secure iCloud data anywhere around the world. Online, on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and other gadgets.

You can also cancel or downgrade your iCloud Storage plan whenever you wish. The good tip for latest iOS users who are newly switched from Android to iOS.

7 Steps to maximize iCloud storage on iPhone, iPad

secrate way to Buy more iCloud Storage on iPhone

Step 1. Head Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2. For iOS 11 or later users – Tap Apple ID & Profile appear above the Airplane Mode.

For iOS 10.2 and earlier user go to iCloud.

Step 3.  Tap Manage Storage or Storage then tap Change Storage Plan.

Step 4. Hit Buy More Storage. then Choose a plan to upgrade iCloud storage out of given 50GB, 200GB or 1TB.

increase iCloud Storage iOS 10

Step 5. After choosing a plan – Tap on Buy appear top-right side on the Upgrade iCloud Storage Screen.

upgrade iCloud storage out of given 50GB, 200GB and 1TB

Step 6. You’ll be prompted – Enter Apple ID and Password then tap OK.

Step 7. Now, wait until you will get a message Purchase Complete.

Expand iCloud Storage on iPhone IOS 10

That’s it!

The payment would be deducted from your submitted Credit card. This plan will stay continue until you don’t want to downgrade or upgrade. The next payment cycle wise fees will be cut automatically.

Hope, the above idea would be most helpful for you. liked it? Share it. Submit a caption in the comment box behalf of the post to increase iCloud storage space on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

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