How to Free Up iCloud storage on iPhone, iPad Not Enough Storage

How to Manage or delete iCloud Storage iPhone ipad or mac
How to Manage or delete iCloud Storage iPhone ipad or mac

Many of my friends suffering from low storage or free space on iCloud, So they don’t take backup regularly on iCloud from 16GB, 64GB, or 128GB iPhone, iPad, or iPad Touch. So each iOS users need to upgrade iCloud storage and spent dollars every month. Some friends are also asking me about the ways Free Up iCloud storage using iPhone, iPad, because not interested in buying more storage after 50 GB Or 200 GB, 2 TB. Yes, this can happen by removing unwanted backup and apps data from the iCloud account.

Wise understanding is that, use alternate cloud storage for backup photos, videos, and other media files. But such important settings, Contacts, Messages, and iCloud Drive data we must use iCloud (Free 5GB storage or upgraded account at cheap cost)

Here, I explained how to make large spaces in just a few seconds or clicks. And bypass all the errors related to inefficient storage or not enough space.

Also, new Sync Messages with iCloud other new features, to activate this we need to turn it on from the Settings app.

Watch the video to Fix iCloud Storage Full Pop-Up: How to Delete iCloud Storage

Steps for Free Up iCloud Storage on iPhone,iPad

  • #1: To Free up iCloud Storage,  Go to the Settings on iPhone, iPad
  • #2: Next, Tap on Profile Name, Scroll Down And Go with iCloud
  • #3: Now, See the iCloud usage – Space consumed by types of data like Photos, Backup, Docs, and others.
1 Manage iCloud Storage on iPhone and iPad with iOS 11

Depends on Free Space requirement you can delete unwanted data from Manage storage option.

Tap on Manage Storage > Manage Storage and Find the separate option for delete data (Photos, Backup, Messages, Notes, iCloud Drive and More other apps).

4 Manage Backup and Other Data on iCloud in iOS 11

Tap on App Name then Tap on Edit button from the top right corner of the screen, Next Delete Data.

7 Delete app data from iCloud on iPhone

Other Wise Go through iCloud Storage Change

#5: Enable App restriction on Backup in iCloud or Use iCloud

Delete Backup on iCloud using iPhone: Tap Backup > iPhone.

9 Disable iPhone backup in iTunes enable Restriction on App for use iCloud

Or Exclude types of Data from Next backup (Photo Library or App Data – See the full list of app by tap on “Show All Apps”)

#6: Find delete Backup option at last on a screen.

#7: iCloud Photo Library Disable & Delete on iPhone and iPad

Go to the Settings > Photos > Disable iCloud Photo Library.

12 Disable iCloud Photo library on iPhone with iOS 11

#8: Disable iCloud music library

By Disable iCloud Music library, we cannot sync library across all the devices.

Go to the Settings > Music > iCloud Music Library (Turn off toggle)

This will remove all Apple music song from this device also.

#9: Review File app: New on iOS 11

Open-File app, Tap on Browse > iCloud Drive

Find all the folder created in iCloud Drive, Open-File app Then Tap on “Select” from the top right corner on iPhone.

15 Free up or remove data from File app in iOS 11 - iCLoud Drive

Choose Multiple Folders or Files that you want Delete.

iOS 10: Clean & Remove iCloud Data Using iPhone, iPad

First Know, used and available iCloud storage on iOS 10 devices.

Go to the Settings > iCloud > Storage.

#1: Disable for Backup apps in iCloud – iOS 10

Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage.

Find the name of Device in the list, Tap on the name of your device.

See, Backup option and Tap on it.

Turn off (Disable Toggle) for the app backup in iCloud.

#2: Delete old Backup – iOS 10

Go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage.

16 manage storage on iOS 10 iPhone and iPad

Next, Manage Storage and Name of Device, Next Delete Backup

Now, Turn off & Delete.

#3: Remove iCloud Drive Documents

Have you a large copy of document and files saved to iCloud Drive? Transfer it to other cloud drives, local personal storage.

Thanks for being with us, hope you get gigabytes of Free up iCloud Storage using iPhone and iPad.

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