How to Delete Apps on Mac That Won’t Delete: [M1 Updated]

Can't delete apps from Launchpad or Finder on Mac, MacBook? Is the App Stuck forever on your Mac? Know and force delete apps Mac.

App won’t delete from Launchpad on Mac [M1 Silicon or intel]? There are several reasons why Apps won’t delete from Mac like it is running in the background, you’re following the incorrect way to delete the app, Apple Apps can’t be deleted straightway, software bug, and more. To rule out all the possibilities, we’ve explained ways to delete Mac Launchpad and Finder, alongside a Terminal command to force delete the app.

You’ll find answers for; The app won’t delete from Launchpad, How to remove an icon from Launchpad that does not appear? And there is no remove button for the apps I want to remove from Launchpad. Read the article.

Apps Won’t Delete from Launchpad or Finder? Here’s a Way

How to Delete Apps from Launchpad and Finder on Mac

To Delete Apps from Launchpad:

Deleting Apps from Launchpad on Mac is very easy unless there’s an issue or restrictions on deleting Mac app or Downloaded from Mac App Store. Here’s how to delete apps from Launchpad.

  1. Open Launchpad on your Mac.
  2. Click and hold the app icon until it starts jiggling that you want to remove on Mac.touch-and-hold-on-app-icon-to-jiggle-and-delete-app-on-mac-from-launchpad
  3. Click on the (x) button in the corner of the app icon you wish to delete. [Apps only jiggle on screen but not showing (x) button on the app icon, Try to delete the app from Application folder or Using Terminal]delete-app-from-mac-launchpad
  4. Select Delete on the pop-up asking for confirmation.

To Delete Apps from Finder:

This one is the old traditional procedure to delete applications stored on your Mac. Just to remind you, here’s how to delete apps from Finder on Mac.

  1. Open Finder on your Mac. [From Top Mac Menu, Go > Applications]
  2. Select the Applications folder, where all the apps are
  3. Drag and drop the application to Trash that you wish to delete.delete-app-from-install-apps-on-mac
  4. Lastly, Empty Trash.

Completely Uninstall Application Mac Terminal if Won’t detele

App won’t delete from Launchpad; how to fix it? (Use Terminal)

When Mac won’t delete apps from Launchpad, there are a few alternatives you should try, like Deleting Apps from Finder or using Terminal Command. Above, already mentioned the simple steps to delete apps from Finder on Mac.

To remind you,

  • Apple won’t let you delete its default apps like Safari, FaceTime, Mail, etc.
  • Fortunately, with the help of Terminal App or from the Applications folder, default apps can be force deleted. And this method is also applicable for apps that won’t delete on Mac.
  • Also, you must know that We can not delete Third-Party Apps downloaded from the internet, not from the app store on the launchpad, or will not see the Delete button when the app’s icon jiggle on Launchpad.
  • If you are unable to open app due to Restrictions is enabled on Mac, then Turn off Screen Time Restrictions on Mac.
  1. Press the Command + Space bar and search Terminal App.
  2. Open Terminal App.
  3. Enter the following command: cd /Applications/.move-to-applications-folder-on-mac-using-terminal
  4. Doing this will change the directory where all the apps are stored.
  5. To delete the app using Mac Terminal, use the following command.
sudo rm -rf
  1. For instance, if I want to delete Safari App, the command will look like this, sudo rm -rf

That’s it.

Can’t Delete App on Mac? Is App Running in the Background?

Mac system is designed not to delete the apps and programs when they are open or actively running in the background. I first experienced this type of error while deleting the excel file that was open. However, Mac shows an error like “The item “APP NAME” can’t be moved to Trash because it’s open,” so if you’re receiving this error while deleting the app from Finder, try to close it.

You will get this error while deleting Mac apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, VPN Software, Photo Editing tools, Sync, pCloud, Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Box, Redbooth, Quip, Some music apps like Spotify, Because of Mac apps automatically open on Startup.

If that doesn’t work, try the force-stopping app from Activity Monitor. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open Finder on your Mac.
  2. Go to the Applications folder.
  3. Select Utilities.
  4. Open Activity Monitor.
  5. Locate the app and click on it.close-backgroud-app-process-on-mac
  6. After selecting an app, click on X appear on the top-left screen and confirm Force Quit or Quit.
  7. Once its force stopped, try again to delete the app from Finder.

Can I Delete Safari, FaceTime, Mail, Reminder, and Stocks App on Mac?

No, we can’t delete Native Mac apps like Safari, FaceTime, Mail, Reminder, and Stocks, but we can Re-Arrange and Make a folder for unused apps that you don’t like.

Can I Delete Pages, Numbers, and Keynote on Mac?

Yes, we can delete Pages, Numbers, Keynote app from Mac anytime. Through Delete this app, Documents created using the app will not delete. but we can re-install the app from the app store again in the future. Open the Mac App store > Search app name and Re-download by clicking on the cloud with a down arrow icon.

if you wish to completely uninstall application mac for all apps as well, then Clean install on Mac is the best Way. Backup your Data in Time Machine and Install a New Copy of MacOS from the Internet.


Above all are the quick solutions on Your Mac won’t allow to delete app that’s showing on Launchpad or Under the Applications folder on Mac. Also, Remove the Restrictions if enabled from Screen Time on Mac

[Apple logo > System Preferences > Screen Time > App Limits > Remove all apps from limits or Check Content & Privacy > Stores > Enable Deleting app].

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