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Is your Mac Enabled with screen time restrictions? Want to Reset or Change the Screen time passcode on M1 Mac, Intel Mac, or Macbook? Here are the easy steps to Forgot Screen Time Passcode on Mac without Erase Data, That’s running on any MacOS Version. Due to Screen Time Restriction, “Apple ID Sign out Greyed” and “Won’t open the restricted apps” or “Unable to open Web content in Safari”.

Let’s Fix your Problem using the below steps and get Troubleshoot if it’s not working for you.

Step to Change, Forgot Screen Time Passcode on Mac

Step 1: Click on the Apple logo from the top of the Mac Menu > Select System Settings.

Open Apple Menu Select System Settings on Mac

Step 2: Click on Screen Time > Select Change Passcode. This option is helpful in Using a Passcode to Secure Time Settings and allows for more time when limits expire.

Click on Screen Time Select Change Passcode on Mac

Step 3: From the Pop-up, Select Forgot Passcode?

Tap on Forgot Passcode on Mac

Step 4: Enter your Apple ID and Password > Tap on Next. (Verify)

Enter your Apple ID and password Tap on Next on Mac

Step 5: After Successfully login, your Mac will ask you to Enter a New Screen Time Passcode.

Enter New Screen Time Passcode on Mac

To Disable the screen time restriction password on Mac, Toggle off “Lock Screen Time Settings.”

Turn off Screen Time on Mac

That’s it.

Now as parental access, We can manage a Family sharing account or Kid’s account.

How to Change Screen Time Passcode on a Child’s Account or Family Shared Account?

If you want to change or forget the Screen Time Passcode of your Child’s Account, then Select Your Child’s Name from the Dropdown and Select the Change Passcode option for your Child’s account under Family sharing.

Tap on Child Account Name Select the Change Passcode on Mac

That’s it.

Why is My Mac Not Showing the Change Screen Time Passcode Option?

To get the option to change screen Time passcode settings, your MacOS Version must be macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or later. Know which macOS is Installed on your Mac if you installed the latest macOS [Apple Logo > About This Mac > MacOS Version].

Still you are not able to forget or use this option, then follow the below troubleshooting steps [in step 5].


Several Mac users reported these Macs wouldn’t accept the new Screen Time Passcode after changing using the Above steps. Or Taking time in the process to Verify screen time.

  1. Check the Internet connection. Search Something on Safari internet browser.
  2. Turn off or Uninstall the VPN if you are using it on a Mac.
  3. Restart your Mac and Try Again. [Apple Logo from top Mac Menu > Restart]
  4. Turn on Safe Mode Mac and Check.
  5. Change Passcode Option is Disabled or Not Selected to Use in Future [Like Below picture]
    • The change Passcode option is used for backup of your Screen Time passcode while forgotten. If you haven’t enabled it, then erasing your Mac data is the only option. > 1) Backup your Mac Data in Time Machine, 2) Reinstall MacOS, 3) Restore Time Machine Backup.change-screen-time-passcode-option-is-disabled-on-mac
  1. Contact Apple Support: Still, you cannot change the screen time passcode, then Contact Apple Support and Book an Appointment at the Apple Genius bar online.

Note: If you have shared Across device turned on, then your Screen time passcode changes for all devices enabled screen time. That might be your iPhone, iPad, iPad, and iPod Touch. Here’s a tutorial on how to Forgot Screen Time passcode on iPhone or iPad.

How to Forgot or Remove Screen Time Passcode on Older MacOS Version

Apple Doesn’t allow users to Change Screen Time who is running macOS High Sierra or older MacOS.

Those mac users have to Erase the Mac After Backup Mac Data in Time Machine and Reinstall the new MacOS on Mac, then Restore Backup [From Old Backup taken Using Time Machine on External drive.] to Remove the Screen time restriction with forgot or change the passcode from Mac system preferences settings.

That’s it.

Still, are you confused about what I should do to remove or Change Forgot Screen time passcode without Delete Data from M1 or intel Mac or Macbook, then comment to me?

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