iOS 16: How to Disable/Enable Automatic Update Apps on iPhone

Enable auto update apps in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Before going ahead, think in your mind, a question that how does work turned on Auto-update Apps? Then there is an exact answer. The automatic App updates feature will push your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to update the Application automatically when a new version is available. On behalf of new technology and features, the developers always keep apps up to date with the small or big updates cause it cares about your privacy, Security and improved the user interface. for that, you will have to turn on/ Enable automatic update apps on your iPhone.

In your iOS device, ten to hundred installed apps, manually checking with each app shouldn’t possible. In this case which is the best way for you? And which case user can use it? And when not?

Steps for Enable automatic update apps in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

 on iPhone/iPad

A new option that keeps your iPhone up-to-date with the latest software update. Check the below settings and Enable Automatic Software update.

1 Software Update in iOS 12

  1. Go to the “Settings app” on the iPhone.
  2. Next, Tap on “General“.
  3. Tap on “Software Update“. [You may wait for 3 to 5 seconds.]
  4. A screen will show, “Automatic Update” > “Turn on” it.

Automatically install software updates overnight after they have been downloaded. You will receive notifications before updates are installed. Your iPhone must be charging and connected to Wi-Fi to complete the update.

Now you Can also Turn on Software Update on MacOS Mojave.

iOS 11 and Earlier

Step 1: Go to the Setting app

Step 2: Scroll down, And Tap on iTunes & App Store

Step 3: Now turn toggle Updates On/Green.

turn on Automatic update Apps on iPhone Ipad Ipod touch

That’s it.

Since now you don’t need to check app update manually. With up to date app, you can minimize a chance of an error like App crashing, files and server connection, and configuration. on the same screen, you can also turn on Automatic download Music, Apps, auto download Books & Audiobooks.

in iOS 11.2.5 or later users gets Auto-update Apps Notifications from the App Store on the Notifications center.

For that guy who felling annoying then there is a toggle to disable Auto-update Apps notifications on iPhone by following way.

Go to Settings App – Tap Notifications – Tap App Store – Turn toggle off Allow Notifications.

That’s it!

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How to Turn off Automatic App Updates on iPhone iOS 11 or later

To save data usage you should turn off Auto update Applications. To do that, go with following steps.

Step #1. Go to the Settings App looks like a Gear icon

Step #2. Find iTunes & App Store Section

Step #3. Next up, Turn Updates toggle off.

turn off Automatic update Apps on iPhone Ipad Ipod touch

That’s it!

So from now, you will have to update your app from the App Store Updates tab. To update the software yourself, just launch the App Store – tap on the Updates tab appear second to last on the bottom of the screen, and here you can appear all-new available Apps update.

just tap on Update beside of Application name. And enjoy the latest features and bug-fix firmware for the App.

The way of enabling or disabling auto-update installed apps in iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) is quite simple, But for the new folk here is the actual meaning of this option.

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