How to Force Quit App on iPhone (iOS 17) in 2023

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All recently used and unnecessary open Apps consume the battery power, dramatically killing your iOS device battery and background App refresh grasp internet bandwidth. So you must recharge the battery using a power outlet or a power bank. But I advise you to force close an App while you are not working on it. To do that, you have to activate App Switcher (multitasking) screen on which you get all recently opened Apps in standby mode on your iPhone, or iPad.

Today, I’m sharing this article special dedicated to all iOS/iPadOS for iPad and iPhone users. You guys learn how to force close Apps in iOS using 3D touch App Switcher with the touch screen or without the physical Home button.

3 Methods to Force Close All Apps on Your Apple iPhone, or iPad

Method #1. View Recently Used Apps and Force Close Apps on iPad and iPhone

No Home button on iPhone like iPhone 13, 12 series, iPhone X series, XR series, or 11 Series, Use Finger Gesture to Wake up the app switcher screen and Force closes the app from your iPhone that’s running in the background. See the below image,

  • Swipe up your finger from the bottom edge of the iPhone screen, Lift your finger from the center of the screen, and all the apps will show an in-app switcher screen. Swipe up your finger on app Preview to Force close the app.
  • That’s it.
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Force Close Background App on iPhone [No Home Button iPhone X or Later]
Force Close Background App on iPhone [No Home Button iPhone X or Later]

Tip for Home Button iPhone Users

Step #1. Do double-click the home button to see all recently used Apps.
Step #2. Next, swipe right or left to find the app that you want to force close.

You’re done!

iPhone X: Use Screen Gesture to Activate App Switcher and Force Close app

Tap and slide up your finger on the bottom horizontal app line; until you see the app’s card [App Switcher], tap and hold on the app until you see a red minus button on each app. [New Swipe up running app to force close it]. Explore more: Force Close app on iPhone – Alternate ways.

Method #2. Kill or Force Quite an App on iPhone using AssistiveTouch (ON-screen virtual home button) on iOS

Here I explain a way for users who want to save the Home button to use or have a broken Home button iPhone or iPad. Yes, anybody can use Assistive Touch on their iOS device to get the App Switcher screen.

By default, you can get the App Switcher icon with the triple tap on the touch screen home button, even though I suggest you customize the assistive touch to access the Multitasking button within a single tap.

Step #1. Tap on assistive touch (touchscreen button). Here’s enable AssistiveTouch, if not ON.
Step #2. Tap on Device.

Go to the touch screen device click more on iphone

Step #3. Now tap on More options (three dots), and Hit on App Switcher.
Step #4. So your device will show you all apps running in the background process. Let’s find an app and swipe away the app to force close.

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Open the more click by app Switcher on iphone

Method #3. Guide In iOS Force Close App using 3D Touch with AssistiveTouch

  • Step #1. Open the Settings App on your iDevice home screen.
  • Step #2. Tap Accessibility.
  • Step #3. Turn AssistiveTouch ON (ignore if you have already enabled it)
  • Step #4. Now tap on Customize Top Level menu..,
Enable Assistivetouch to open Customize Top Level menu settings on iPhone and iPad
  • Step #5. Next, you have to scroll down the screen and tap on 3D touch Action then select Multitasking.
  • Step #6. In the end, pressing and holding on AssistiveTouch button (dark spot on the screen) so you will get App Switcher screen that you always summon to double click the home button.
Tap on 3D touch Action to set Multitasking button to Force Close App in iOS 11 iPhone iPad
  • That’s it!

I expected to Force Close an App using Type to Siri On iPhone, but unluckily still, the brand doesn’t offer particular commands for intelligent assistance Siri.

On my iPhone 7 Plus, I asked Hey Siri Force Close an App, but she replied to me with a positive response that As much as I would like to, I can’t close Apps, Mike.

Bonus Tip – Force Quit an App in iPadOS on iPad using Gesture

Try the iOS multitasking gesture to close recently used Apps on all iPads running iOS 12 or later. This nifty feature to save home button use on iPads.

If you’ve already activated gestures on your iPad, avoid the below steps and directly jump on the guide to get App Switcher Screen.

Enable Gestures in Multitasking on Apple iPad

  • Step #1. Go to the Settings App on the iPad.
  • Step #2. Find General then tap multitasking appear underneath Handoff.
  • Step #3. Now, you have to turn Gestures On Green.
  • You’re Done!
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  • Double Tap on Home button on the Home button iPad Models.
Force quit an App on iPad pro iPad Air iPad Mini iOS 11 using Gestures without Home button

To pull up the App Switching screen on your iPad, use five or four fingers to swipe up the screen from the bottom of the screen. You get an App Switcher screen with the right-side Customize Control Center and iPad Dock. Now find an App and swipe up away to force close.

Cause too many apps open to slow down your smartphone and tablet and eat CPU cycles. Another battery save feature is a dark mode in iOS. Here are five methods to Enable dark mode on iPhone and iPad.

Bottom Line

After updating iOS on your iPhone and iPad, some of the App won’t respond, for example, FaceTime, iMessage, Mail app, and third-party apps like Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, Cloud Storage Apps, and much more.

I hope this is found helpful to kill an app that is helpful while App is Crashing or won’t open and becomes App unresponsive, too.

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