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1 Disable and Enable Activation lock on Apple Watch

How to Disable or Enable Activation lock on Apple Watch Series 4/3/2/1

Manage your Apple Watch security that prevents theft and lost your data by unauthorized reset or use by another people. See how to disable or enable Activation lock on Apple Watch Series 4, Series 3, Series 2, Series 1 running on WatchOS 5, WatchOS 4/3/2 in latest tips.

Same like Apple iPhone, iPad, and Mac we can manage Apple Watch from Find My iPhone iOS app or iCloud web login. See the steps below, how to use?

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How to check Find My Apple Watch is Enabled or Disabled?

See in your Find My iPhone app; Apple watch will show there is enabled just like other apple Device connected with the same apple ID.

1 Disable and Enable Activation lock on Apple Watch

Not have an iPhone or iPad: Go to iCloud.com

Log in with your Apple ID and Password > Click on Find iPhone icon > Here’s the list of all Devices (Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, Mac and more).

Just select the device > Go for Play Sound, Lost Mode and Erase Apple Watch.

Enable or Turn on Activation lock for my Apple Watch, if disabled

If Apple Watch is not added to Find my iPhone app, you need to set up now.

You are using apple watch correctly but not showing in iCloud.com or Find my iPhone App.

Restart your Apple Watch or iPhone. Or Start Restore your Apple Watch (Set and pair Apple watch to iPhone) from the old backup.

On Restore time, find the latest backup of your Apple watch and select it.

Enter your iCloud Account; Next, to the screen select Enable Find my Watch.

Note: Sometimes outdated Software is creating a problem like this, Keep up-to-date your iOS and WatchOS.

How to Disable Activation lock on Apple Watch

Remove or Disable activation lock on apple watch release the security; you can use for other device or before sell.

Un-pair apple watch automatically Disable Activation lock to the Apple watch.

Otherwise Remotely Disable Activation lock on Apple Watch

Go to icloud.com

Sign in with Apple ID and Password.

Next, Click on Settings > Find Apple Watch under the My Devices section.

Click on “X” icon to remove apple watch.

Next, Click on Remove and confirm.

That’s it.

Above are the quick setups for enable and Enable Activation lock on Apple Watch 4, Watch 3, Apple Watch 2.

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