How To Find IP Address On A Mac? Complete Guide!

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If you are a sturdy users of the Mac, at some point, you would like to be exposed to the IP Address. Those numerical numbers always look like Usually, there is no need to directly deal with them, since our Mac or network takes care of it behind the bars. And in the rare case, when we have to use it, we just have to simply follow on-screen instructions about where to find the IP Address.   

But if you are willing to dive a little bit more into it, whether you want to fix the issue or Mapping Network Drive On Mac or else want to transfer the file or data, you will always need to have an IP Address. To get you to deal with how to find IP Address on Mac? We have made a complete guide on it, so let’s start, and get your IP Address on Mac computer in different ways.

Uses Of IP Address On Mac Computer

There are many uses of IP Address but most probably used to transfer files between the device, mapping network drive on mac, and at-last to troubleshoot any kind of networking-related issue within the Mac.

What Are The Different Ways To Find IP Address On A MacBook?

No matter whatever version of macOS you carry on your Mac computer, we have covered all the easy steps to find IP Address on macOS and latest and earlier versions.

How To Find Internal / Local IP Address On macOS Ventura And Later Version?

Have you recently installed the latest macOS 13 Ventura or latest version and don’t know how to find the internal IP Address, follow the given below steps.

Step. 1→ Navigate to the Apple Logo > Go with System Settings.

System Settings on Mac
System Settings on Mac

Step. 2 → Choose Wi-Fi > Details.


Step. 3 → IP Address.


How To Find Internal / Local IP Address On macOS Monterey And Earlier Version?

If your Mac is linked with an internet router along with primary settings, that router will automatically generate a local IP Address to your Mac. So if you are willing to know the local IP Address of your Mac, simply follow the given below steps.

Step. 1→ Select the Apple logo located at the left-upper corner of the screen. Choose System Preferences.

Step. 2→ Click on Network. Right from the Network Menu, choose either Wifi or Ethernet located on the left side. Note: Ensure that your Mac device is connected with Ethernet or Wi-fi.

Step. 3→  Here on the screen Local / Internal IP Address of the Mac will appear.

How To Find External / Public IP Address On Mac Computer?

The external IP Address is always assigned by the ISP (Internet Service Provider), if and only if you are connected to the internet. So when you browse something on the internet, it shares a particular IP Address. Here are the steps to do so. 

Step.→1 Go to Google, and simply write down “What Is My IP Address.” Doing so will directly feature IP Address on the result page. 

Shortcuts way to Find the IP address on Mac (How do I find my IPv4 address on Mac)

The fastest way to find the IP address on your Mac computer without accessing network settings, Let’s follow the procedure given below.

Just press the Option key and click on the Wi-Fi symbol up in the top right on mac.


This action will show you a bunch of information, including IP, router, security, Country Code, tx Rate, Noise, RSSI, channel, mode, etc.;


I hope you found the more straightforward method to find the IP address on your Mac computer.

How To Find Local / Internal IP Address On Mac Computer Using Terminal?

Exploring the ways to find IP Address on Mac, we just grab the easiest way to do so by using a terminal. Get your Mac device ready and follow the given steps below.

Step.1→ Navigate to the Terminal using Spotlight Search (Press Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight Search).

Step. 2→ Write down ipconfig mac commands accordingly,

           Wired Connection: write down ipconfig getifaddr en1 in the Terminal and it will feature a local IP Address. 

           Wifi Connection: write down ipconfig getifddr en0 in the Terminal and it will highlight the local IP Address.

That’s how you can find a local / Internal IP address using the terminal.

How To Find External / Public IP Address Of Mac Computer Using Terminal?

No more worries, as you can find out the Public or External IP address of your Mac computer using the Terminal. Go to the Terminal using Spotlight Search. Then, write down curl in the Terminal to feature Public IP Address. 

How To Find IP On Mac Computer Using ARP?

What is ARP? Is that the question? Well ARP, sorted as Address Resolution Protocol is a procedure or protocol that link-ups ever-changing IP Address to physical machine address, which is known as Media Access Control. With the help of ARP, you simply find out the IP address of your Mac computer. 

Step. 1→ Navigate to the Application Tab > Utilities.

Step. 2→ Choose Launchpad or Terminal > Other.

Step. 3→ Select Terminal, doing so will feature macOS Terminal.

Step. 4→ Write down “arp” along with “- a” flag. This will result in the array of ARP within the device’s ARP table. 

Step. 5→ Mac ARP table. And at that point, you will encounter the IP Address, Mac Address.

Step. 6→ Cross-check your Mac Address with its assigned IP. 

I Am Not Able To Find IP Address On Mac, What To Do?

Wifi not showing IP Address on Mac is one of the most annoying issues. But still, you can fix it by clearing out remembered passwords, resetting the router, connecting to another Wi-Fi network, or else setting up the IP address manually.

IP Address Hide So How To Unhide On Mac?

As of now and forever, privacy is one of the important aspects that every user of mac wants. And for that reason, they might have hide the IP Address on the Mac and don’t know how to unhide the IP Address on Mac. Well, we have got some steps for you to perform.

Step.1→ Navigate to the Safari Browser > Safari Tab present at the top menu bar.

Step. 2→ Choose Preferences > Privacy Tab and then uncheck the box present next to the Hide I Address.


An IP Address is an important aspect of any device, as it helps to do the several tasks behind the scenes. So just following the above-mentioned steps of finding IP Address on Mac will really help you.   


How Do I Fix IP Address On My Mac?

Most users of Mac might encounter no IP Address on their device, in such a scenario, the only thing you need to do is simply renew the DHCP lease right from the TCP/IP Menu.

2. How To Change IP Address On Mac?

If you are willing to change your IP Address on Mac, navigate to the Apple Logo present at the left top corner > System Preference > Network > Advance > TCP/IP > Change Configure IPv4 Automatically to Manually

3. How Can I Protect My IP Address From Hackers?

For this, two effective methods can help you to hide the IP Address. One of them is VPN and another is Proxy Settings. In my opinion, you can use VPN compared to Proxy Settings, as they offer more security. 

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