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What program is best to record a podcast on? What is the best way to record audio for a podcast? podcast recording tools list.

So you are thinking about starting your podcast and sharing your knowledge with the world. You have the content ready and structured, the equipment, and probably the guest list of people who will appear on your episodes. So what’s stopping you from getting started?

Maybe you are unable to figure out which recording software to go with. An excellent recording software allows you to record and edit the audio of your podcast episodes effectively and produce high-quality results. The quality of your audio and how you present it will determine the growth of your podcast. So it is essential to work on top-notch recording software. 

So from all the various software available in the market, we have selected the top 5 ones for you, keeping in mind the price and ability to use for beginners.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a chunk of audio that can be a story, an interview, or a documentary series that you can download online and listen to whenever you want. In the last 15 years, podcasts have gone from a niche market to a mainstream one. There is a world of information and entertainment for people of all interests, such as news, health, sports, music industry, and self-improvement. Starting a podcast is an easy way to create your own business. You can use it as a side gig or turn it into a full-time career. You can monetize your show in many ways, but the most common method is advertising on your episodes.

For instance, if you want to produce and publish your first podcast, the average cost will be $200 to $400, depending on your chosen equipment. If you are starting, this may seem like massive money to invest in such an uncertain venture, but if you have some experience and know how to market yourself.

What Are The Types of Equipment Required To Start A Podcast?

Starting a podcast can be overwhelming and confusing too.

You may have many questions in your mind, like what kind of content to choose? How to record and edit? And the most important one is how to distribute it to the world. We recommend you not to spend too much money on fancy equipment and start with whatever you have.

This section will discuss what equipment you will need to start your podcast if you are a beginner.

The Gear: The first piece of gear is a microphone. You can use good-quality headphones that come with a microphone in them. Make sure to register in a peaceful environment. 

Recording And Editing: We hope that now you have your content and script ready, it’s time to start recording it. You can even use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to record. That means your audio is not too loud or not too low. Make sure you are not peaking.

Once you have recorded your episode, you need to edit it so you can put off the best quality result of your podcast. Editing will help you to eliminate the unwanted sections from your audio, and you can even add background music to make it more soothing for the listeners.

Hosting Your Podcast: Hosting means where you upload your podcast and which medium you choose so that it can go out to the world. You can easily upload your podcast and publish it to every central platform, such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon Music, and so much more. One of the most popular mediums is Buzzsprout.

Best Podcast Recording Software

Finally, we are heading to the most crucial blog section for which you are here, selecting the best podcast recording software. We have handpicked the five best free and paid podcast recording software. Check them out and decide on one according to your need. And the only way to choose a good one is by having details of the best software.

#1. Audacity

The first on our list is Audacity, the number one choice for most creators and audio editors. Audacity is a free, open-source platform audio editor that has been used to edit, record, and mix sounds: the ones who are just getting started should go with this software because it is free. It is available for all operating system software such as MAC, Windows, and Linux. Go to the official website and download it for free. Besides podcasting, professional musicians use this software to record and edit audio tracks. The user interface is easy to understand. So from that, you can analyze that you will get all the tools required to produce high-quality audio for your podcast.

#2. Squad Cast

Next up on number two, we have placed squad cast, a web-based recording and software specially used by the creators who record their podcast episodes with their guests online through video conferencing. The audio in this software is recorded as lossless files. The one thing that this software focuses on is giving you the highest quality audio possible.

One thing that separates this software from others is the fantastic and clear video quality. If both the host and guest can see each other, it creates an additional connection.

 Suppose you ever encounter a situation where you cannot find the recorded audio file after ending your recording, or it gets corrupted. So you have to contact the support team through the mail, and the ream will go through the procedure and get the audio—no need to worry because Squadcast always keeps a continuous backup of our audio file while recording. 

This software also has limitations as you can only connect and record four people simultaneously. It is not a big deal because a podcast usually has 2 to 3 people talking simultaneously. 

Prices on sqaudcast range from $10 to $45 a month. They will give you a discount if you prepay for a year. Take one Month’s subscription and get familiar with the software first. 

Dabbler: $ 10 Per Month

Creator: $ 20 Per Month

Pro: $ 45 Per Month

#3. Zencastr

It is a top-rated platform and makes it easy for you to become podcasting professional. This software gives you both audio and video recording option whose quality is unmatchable. So if you want to record your podcast with a remote guest, this can be a great option. Once you visit their website, they will show you a small comparison video explaining why Zencastr is a better option than others. It is a full all-in on software where you can easily record, edit and publish your podcast.

The software allows you to securely publish and distribute your podcast only to those you want, including a bunch of students, a group of employees, or thousands of followers.

And that’s not the end; you can also use this software to check your listeners’ analytics.


Hobby: $12 per Month

Professional: $35 per Month

Plus: $89 per Month

There’s also a 14-day free tail available, and no credit card is required.

#4. Riverside.FM

Have you seen the podcast episode of Garry Vee and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg discussing MetaVerse/Web3? It was recorded in Riverside. FM  

The most famous web-based online recording software for your podcast. Using this software, you can record locally uncompressed 48kHz audio in WAV format for every remote guest. Riverside.FM records separate audio and video for each participant, giving you ease in post-production. Record 4K episodes without any glitch in the audio or video because of the poor internet. Record 4K episodes without any glitch in the audio or video because of the poor internet. 

If you want to add your logo, change the session background or choose the speaker layout, it is also quickly done with the inbuilt editor named Magic editor.


Free: $0

Standard: $15

Pro: $24

#5. Adobe Audition

Last on our list, we have Adobe’s own Adobe Audition. We all know that Adobe is a big company with multiple products in all creative fields, such as photo and video editing, graphic designing, etc.

You will love this software if you are a podcaster or a content creator. Adobe Auditions runs on natively runs of all operating systems, giving you faster mix-downs, rendering audio effects, and near real-time work in the spectral frequency display. 

Adobe Audition is specially designed to fasten the audio production workflow using the multitrack and waveform tools.

 You can produce high-quality audio with lots of pre-loaded effects such as Mic Big and White, Mic EQ, Mic Processing, Mic Echo, and Mic Compressor.


Like any other Adobe Software, you can easily download this for free. 

Conclusion: If you have decided to share your knowledge and show your talent by starting a podcast, then great, go for it.

There are usually multiple things to take care of when starting a podcast—selecting your niche, arranging the equipment, and finding a quiet area to record in.

Selecting and learning software is an important one. We have given you the list to choose from, but you only have to do the real hard work. Remember, everything seems to be difficult in the beginning. Pick the best podcast recording software, learn it and start producing great content. 

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