How to Fix iPhone Wi-Fi Not Working iOS 14/13.7/12/iOS 12.4

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Hi guys, In this thread, I’m sharing with you how to fix iPhone Wi-Fi not working problems after updating iOS 13 or later. Each year tech-giant roll out a new operating system for its iDevice iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. it always packs up with tons of features, but after download and install new firmware it sets own problems and one them people facing iOS Wi-fi Problems. The annoying issue reported include not being able to connect iDevice to a Wi-Fi router, some users say iPhone Wi-Fi connected but not working properly, and keeps disconnecting automatically, iOS Wi-Fi Grayed out and getting an incorrect password prompt, etc.

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Here are the few tips to get rid of Wi-Fi Problems with iOS 13 or later. I hope, these workarounds also become helpful when Wi-Fi signal weak or suddenly dropping Wi-Fi. Let’s follow given fix order wise and get an internet connection to enjoy YouTube, Netflix, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and everything all online.

Ultimate Workarounds to Fix iPhone Wi-Fi not Working iOS

Sometimes often enter correct Wi-Fi password but message prompt on the screen that incorrect password for ”Wi-Fi name”, Don’t worry. let’s try to resolve iOS 13 Wi-Fi Problems by following steps. Undoubtedly, this troubleshooting you can also apply when your iPad or iPod touch can’t find Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Slow.

Make Sure that your Router Wi-Fi switch is ON and your iPhone within Coverage

In some case, the router is ON, but router Wi-Fi switch is to be Off; so the router cannot connecting to Wi-Fi devices. Please make sure and if it’s okay, then keep continue steps to resolve Wi-Fi issue.

Watch the video to Fix Wifi not working iOS

If your Wi-Fi Grayed out or looking Dim color

Check you have the latest version of iOSiPhone Wi-Fi grayed out or looking Dim color how to fix

  • Settings app → General → Software Update

If Software is up to date, although you face Wi-Fi issue, then try last step (Reset Network Settings).

Remove VPN or Turn off

VPN assigns Virtual IP address that changes your location and network traffic in your location. So we can remove the location-based restrictions that enabled for the secure apps, Website and Apple’s Privacy. Sometimes VPN is so useful to use on iOS/iPadOS and Mac, we can save Few Dollars and Bypass the software Errors. So Most of the Teche people are keep VPN service using the app on the iOS device and Desktop PC as well. If your WiFi is not working properly, So I recommending to Turn off it or Delete VPN app from your device.

  • Go to the Settings > VPN [Next to Personal Hotspot] > Turn off the toggle.
  • And, Remove VPN profile, Settings > General > Profile > Tap on Profile name > Delete the Profile.

That’s it. Still Having the problem in use WiFi on your iPhone/iPad – Follow the next solutions for WiFi is not connecting to your device.

Restart your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Learn how to Restart.

Reset Network Settings in iOS 10/ iOS 11/ iOS 13 or later

After tried above steps still you get the same Wi-Fi problems in iOS. You must follow Reset Network Settings on the iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Learn how to Reset Network Settings.

Does your Device often Prompt to Enter the Correct Wi-Fi Password?

In this case, you should reboot Router/Modem: Sometimes Messed up in broadband Internet connection router/modem due to bad weather, rainfall, or thunderstorm. Hence, Wi-Fi device won’t connect with Wi-Fi Router, but it works well on PC/ Mac or with Wi-Fi TV like Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, etc. So you Should Restart your broadband router then wait a while. Next, you’ll have to enter the Wi-Fi password. in the most case, this trick does fix the Wi-Fi connectivity issue in iOS.

An alternative, you can also do Unplug router/modem from the power source for 2 minutes and plug again. Update your Router Firmware (for that you can check manufacturer’s support website for the latest FW). In more, Try different bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) and different bandwidths (20 MHz recommended for the 2.4 band). Channels 1, 6, 10 or 11 are recommended for the 2.4 band.

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  1. Updated iPhone 5S to iOS 12 update. No wifi connection for 1-2 weeks. Have done everything mentioned, except restring iPhone to factory resets.. Trying to avoid that route..

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