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Resolve iOS 10 Wi-Fi Grayed out on iPhone

Wi-Fi Grayed out on iPhone XR, Xs, XS Max, X, 8,7,6S,6,SE- Here’s Fixes

To access internet on an iOS device, there are three ways available either using Wi-Fi or go with the Cellular data plan or by shared network Personal Hotspot. But all of them, Wi-Fi is an ideal option to get Online on your best internet router plan. In other hands, Offline iPhone seems like a dead device and user can’t enjoy Apple Music, iMessage, FaceBook, Whatsapp and many other Online services. Even though, Still you’re passing with iOS Wi-Fi grayed out on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. hence, inherently, I can understand your situation. Don’t worry. I have few tricks to resolved Wi-Fi problems in latest iOS too.

We promise that underneath listed steps would help you and will give fresh oxygen for Wi-Fi Settings from dim to light.

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How to Fix iOS Wi-Fi Grayed out on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Resolve iOS 10 Wi-Fi Grayed out on iPhone

Your iOS ruining Wi-Fi Settings dim on iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. Let’s learn here what you will have to do to fix.

Fix #1. Make Sure your iOS device is running on latest Firmware

SettingsGeneralSoftware Update. Available any Update? Please download and install it. Then try Wi-Fi Settings again. The same problem persists then

If you have the latest software version device, However, the symptoms Wi-Fi settings grayed out on your iPhone or remain iOS devices, please keep continuing to get rid of iOS Wi-Fi Settings dim issues.

Fix #2. Reset Network Settings on iPhone, iPad & iPod with latest iOS

Step 1. Launch Settings App on iPhone running iOS 12 or later device.

Step 2. Now hit on General.

Step 3. Next Up, Scroll down the screen and Tap on Reset.Reset Network Settings on iPhone iOS 10

Step 4. Select Reset Network Settings. You’ll be prompted Enter your passcode, so enter it.

Step 5. To make confirm tap on Reset Network Settings.

That’s it.

This Reset Delete all Network Settings including Wi-Fi passwords, VPN (Virtual private network) and APN Settings that you’ve used before and returned them to factory defaults.

Now try to turn Wi-Fi toggle ON. And If None of the ways helpful in your case to fix iOS Wi-Fi Grayed out on iPhone, please Contact Apple Support.

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