11 Best Breastfeeding Apps for iPhone in 2023

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Being a parent is never easy, as it comes with a lot of responsibilities and time management. It can be difficult to manage everything even if you are prepared with a proper plan. It’s important to breastfeed the baby on time; otherwise, it can lead to dehydration and lack of nutrients in the baby. 

With the moving smart world, there are apps for everything to make life easier. Thankfully there are also many effective breastfeeding apps to make every new mom’s life easier. Breast feedings apps effectively monitor baby feeding and manage the nursery. In this blog, we have researched the best breastfeeding applications that is worth checking.

1. Huckleberry: Baby & Child


Huckleberry is the all-one app that every parent must have. It provides sleep guidance and reminds of feeding, pumping, and diaper change to make every new mom’s life easier. It offers customized sleep plans for babies to monitor wake windows and feed them, baby, accordingly. The app reminds of the next diaper change, breastfeeding, medication, and much more. The app has a popular SweetSpot feature that helps to analyze the next sleep time of the baby. You can also handle multiple child profiles with this app. Moreover, it also has a multi-caregiver sync feature.

Benefits of the Huckleberry app:

  • Day and night modes available
  • sweet spot feature for effective sleep time
  • Expert advice and sleep consultant

2. Baby Tracker by Nara


Nara Baby is the best app that allows Parents and caregivers to log and sync their daily activities. The app is completely secure, and the data is only shared with authorized users. You just simply need to input the details like feeding sessions, pumping, sleep time, and diaper change. With the Nara baby app, you can track everything related to your breastfeeding activity and makes notes of the important activity so you never miss anything caring for your baby. The app is also helpful in tracking your postpartum recovery; it allows you to keep track of necessary medication, water intake, sleep cycle, and many more.

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Benefits of Nara baby:

  • Shareable across multiple devices
  • Add notes and reminders
  • Helpful in postpartum recovery
  • Available for Apple Watch

3. Baby + | Your Baby Tracker


Baby + is the best newborn tracking app that allows to keep track of a baby’s personal growth and development. This app can help you to make your parenting journey memorable with the proper guide for the first 1000 days. The app allows tracking your breastfeeding, bottle feeding all other necessary stuff. You can also track your weight, baby’s health, nappy, and much more. You can read blogs and important parenting guides to provide the best care to your baby. You can capture beautiful memories such as crawling, grabbing, and capturing wonderful pictures of your babies. The app also has a teeth tracker feature and sounds that will help to calm the crying baby.

Benefits of Baby + 

  • Supports multiple children
  • Easily shareable app
  • Health and nappy tracker
  • available for iPad users also

4. Onoco – Shareable Baby tracker


Onoco is the most trusted newborn feeding tracker, which is simple and just awesome. The highly customizable app allows you to view a customizable menu and add personalized logs to track almost everything, such as bottle tracker, meals tracker, nap tracker, Growth tracker, and many more. You can add your custom logs with personalized names and icons of whatever you want to track. You can get expert advice for your little ones till 5 years old to ensure proper growth and development. The app has an effective growth tracker and digital growth chart that shows your child’s growth pattern and various other factors.

Benefits of Onoco:

  • Advice from experts
  • Tracking and Analysis
  • customizable menu and logs

5. Baby Tracker


Baby Tracker is one of the best app to track baby feeding and diapers that is perfect for busy parents. It has a decent user interface that is compatible with iPhones and iPad both. You can easily track the baby’s daily habits and every minor detail. The app handles feeding records, diaper changes, sleep patterns, and many more. The app allows one to track baby growth by entering the measurement and comparing it with WHO. You can sync data with iCloud or other cloud storage for data backup. You can add milestones achieved and make custom categories with pictures like the baby’s first smile, first tooth, and soon.

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Benefits of Baby Tracker

  • works with iCloud or Dropbox
  • Compatible for iPhone and iPad
  • Add custom categories and milestone

6. Pump Log


Pump Log is a free app that is specifically designed for every super mom to supply the proper amount of milk. The app sends the notification when to start pumping and stop pumping. It’s just a super easy app that allows you to add and track your pumping time and supply produced. The app also has an automatic reminder feature that notifies you when you are high and low. You can add entries and keep notes of every pumping session to ensure you give the best to your baby.

Benefits of Pump Log:

  • Easy and free app 
  • Add notes on each pumping session
  • Automatic pumping reminder

7. Baby Feed Timer


Baby Feed Timer is your one-stop destination if you are looking for app for tracking baby feeding that helps monitor your baby’s habits and other important details such as weight, sleeping habits, temperature, and medication. You can track breastfeeding, pumping, bottle feeds, diaper change, and more. The app also allows to sync the data across different phones. You can even use the app for multiple babies to keep track of every child at the same time. The app also supports login to Apple Watch, so you can always have a track without needing a phone. You can add manual notes and feeds to customize in case your baby is sick. 

Benefits of Baby Feed Timer

  • Day and night modes available
  • Sync between different phones
  • Get notification alerts

8. Baby Connect


Baby Connect is an iPhone app for busy moms. It’s an incredibly helpful app for newborn baby mothers. The app has features including tracking feeding, diapers, sleep activity, timer, reminders, medicine, vaccine, growth tracking, mood, and much more; in addition, you can record all information for future use and more. The #1 number comprehensive baby care app is premium, but it does not matter. It gives lots of functions that you never thought of.

It will also update the caregiver while you’re away. Live with peace of mind because your uploaded details stay up to date on an app via protected password security. Best baby feeding app for multiple kids and caregivers. As a mother, I especially recommend this app for your little one.

9. iBaby Feed Timer


iBaby Feed Timer is a complete log for baby development that is very handy. Are you looking for a single app to monitor your baby’s activity? Try ibaby feed timer because it has features that you want for your baby’s care.

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Log everything at a single station like breastfeeding (left, right), bottle-feeding, easy-to-track diapers, sleep, and almost at a glance and spot trends in a chart, numbers, and graph-wise. Analyzed data ready for you and your pediatrician shows daily, weekly, and monthly averages. The sleek baby feeding timer iPhone app supports the latest iOS.

10. Feed Baby


The Feed baby app monitor for iPhone, and you can also track your baby on an Apple watch. It’s a medical category app created by penguin apps. This is a nice tool for logging newborns’ breastfeeds and nursing sessions. It has today’s widget view so that you can get your five commonly used activities on the iPhone lock screen.

Single box but has a lot of compartments to record baby sleep, baby feeding, diaper changes, medicines record with graphics color, and much more. So please stop stalling and start from today to tracking you, baby.

11. Baby Tracker

The Baby Tracker is the latest updated best baby feeding app for multiple users for iPhone, and iPad. It has a user-friendly design and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad. Track your baby’s health on multiple devices and sync, too. It is a unique baby feeding tracking app for Apple Watch and iPhone. Prime features include Health, milestones, growth records, Sleep schedule, track diaper changes, and Feeding tracker.

Final thoughts,

I hope you found the above blog useful to make your motherhood journey memorable. Breastfeeding apps are the best way to track your feeding and other habits without any stress. It also helps to maintain hygiene by changing diapers at the right time and feeding at the right time so you never lack anything in nursing.

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding apps? Feel free to comment your views in the comment section.

Happy breastfeeding!

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