How to solve Apple TV purchase Error: Verification required [Solved]

Last Updated: Dec 22, 2014

In the case, have you updated your payment info from your iOS device or Mac. It’s hence that Apple giving option to used different Apple ID login for iCloud or iTunes app store for purchase. You know that you can also buy or purchase from Apple TV app store. Many of the folks suffering error problem on downloading or installing app from “ Verification required, before you make purchases, you must go to the iTunes store on your computer and verify your payment”. Don’t be hesitate here is the fastest and easy solution to resolve problem all time using two different options given below here.

Steps to resolve: Verification required on purchases from Apple TV app store

1st Over Online App store from Browser on Any device: iPhone, iPad, Mac

Step 1: Go to the App store from Safari browser in your Mac/ PC.Under the account name sign in with apple ID

Step 2: Login with Apple ID or Password (Use Same Apple ID, Using you want to buy on Apple TV)Login with Apple ID and Password

Step 3: after login success, in your Browser Top right corner inside your Account name tap, Choose View Account option.Under the account name sign in with apple ID

Step 4: Next, you can see different option related item tracking, Account setting.

Step 5: under the Account settings group > Choose Change your default shipping or billing info.

Step 6: Now, Click on edit for Payment information.Edit for update payment information solve verification required

Step 7: Submit once again or update with current credit card data that you are using recently.Edit valid payment details in App store for purchase

2nd Using iTunes installed Computer: getting verification required on Apple TV

Here, is the alternate way to do same verification prose given in 1st way.

Step 1: Open iTunes from your Mac or PC.

Step 2: Click on iTunes Store from top right pan on your screen.

Step 3: Click on your Account name > Click on Account option.

Step 4: Next, choose edit option front of Payment information.Under the iTunes account option Edit payment information

Step 5: Again submit your Credit card data.Enter valid billing info in iTunes account section

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All the best, Hope you now verified for Apple TV purchase, now you don’t see error message Verification required, before you make purchases from Apple TV. Any further query regarding to purchase from iTunes app store then share with us.