How to Switch Between BFF & Dating Mode in Bumble on iPhone 2023, iPad, Android?

Bumble is now one of the most emerging dating apps across the world; to be honest, it is more than just a dating app. Compared to Tinder, Bumble is highly secure for women. Only women can initiate the chat if they want after a match; otherwise, the match disappears after 24 hours of the timeline. However, once in a day a person can extend the 24 hours of the timeline, that’s a good part of Bumble. Moreover, Bumble also has BFF Mode, meaning, if you are just looking for a friend, but not a Date, then switch to BFF Mode.

Many people move to new cities or want to connect with unique personalities, aside from social apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Bumble could be your one-stop to all that. Once you switched to Bumble BFF Mode, your profile would only appear on the Feed of Bumble users looking for BFF and vice versa.

Switch Between BFF and Dating Mode in Bumble on iPhone, iPad, Android?

Difference Between BFF and Dating Mode?

The catch stays the same whether you’re using BFF Mode or Dating Mode. In BFF Mode, the process remains the same, you’ve to swipe right to show interest, and if the other person swipe right back at you, it’s a match. Whereas to pass or skip the profiles you are not interested in, swipe left to explore other profiles.

In BFF Mode, you or the other person is not looking for hooking up, but a casual friend that matches your interests, or just opposite of you, doesn’t matter. Check the profiles, bio, photos; if it fits you, go for it.

While the Dating Mode is just the inverse of BFF Mode, here you can find a real connection, or soul mate, whatever. As I stated, finding a date is quite simple on Bumble, but after a match, the Women need to send a message; men can’t send the message first. And in the case of same-sex, either person can start to establish the chat. Therefore, Bumble is highly secure, reliable and of course, you would stay safe with their policies.

How to Change Dating Mode to Bumble BFF Mode or Vice Versa?

  1. Navigate to the Bumble app on your phone.
  2. Visit the profile section.
  3. Hit the Settings cog.
  4. Select Choose Mode.
  5. Choose from BFF, Date, and Bizz

Disable Date Mode?

If you don’t want to appear in Dating profiles or want to take a break from that, don’t miss turning off the Date Mode in Bumble.

  1. Launch the Bumble
  2. Go to the Profile.
  3. Look for the Date mode in the Settings page and disable Date mode.
  4. From the same screen, you can use the Snooze mode, Set advanced BFF Filters, Age, and more.
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