How to Reset Instagram Account in 2024

This happens a few times when we want a break from social media, or we want to rejoin our account, or maybe you felt like changing your Instagram password, so in all this case, you have to remember or mention your password.

But sometimes may happen you forget that code and can’t log in back to your social media account. So, at that time, you have an option that you can rejoin the same account. So, these are a few steps you can follow to do the same in any device you are using, such as an android device, an iPhone device, or a Mac device.

How to Reset the Password in an iPhone Device:

  1. Start the Instagram app on your iPhone.
  2. To reset the password, tap on Forget? that was next to the password on the login iPhone screen.forgot-instagram-password-and-reset-using-app-on-iphone
  3. Now again, you can view two options, either reset password through the email address or log in with Facebook.get-password-recovery-code-through-phone-number-or-email-that-is-registered-in-instagram
  • If your mobile number is registered into your Instagram account, then you can also reset the password via getting a password link on the iPhone message app, and it’s an easy way.
  1. If you choose the email option, then search at the top right side to find your Instagram account.
  2. After finding your desired Instagram account, tap on send password reset request.
  3. So, an email is sent to your email id. 
  4. Then open the mail; you have a link click on that.
  5. This will take you back to your email id, and now you can enter a new password and re-enter the password.
  6. So, you get back the account by confirming it.

Reset Instagram password without email

Don’t know the registered Email ID for your Instagram account or Don’t have access to Recovery Email for an Instagram account then try and Go with the Alternate Instagram account recovery method.

Use your Phone number to get the verification code and Change your Instagram password. as I showed in the above solution.

How to Reset the Password on an Android Device

So, all you need is the email id or Facebook account for doing this.

So, if you are going to choose the option of email id, then you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Start the Instagram app.
  2. Then enter the username.
  3. Then on the right-side bottom of the same box, an option of “Forget Password” is given click that.
  4. After that, the “TROUBLE LOGGING IN?” page will show up, asking you to enter your email or phone number or login via FACEBOOK.
  5. If you choose the Facebook option, simply log in to Facebook and connect to your account, and you will easily get back to it.
  6. If you choose the email id, then a 6-digit code will arrive at your email id account that you enter while forming the account.
  7. So, you can add that code back to the Instagram account as a confirmation code.
  8. If you choose the last option of a phone number, then enter the phone number associated with your account, and you will receive a one-time passcode, which you have to add on Instagram.
  9. After doing any of these steps, you will get an option to enter a new password and re-enter it and tap on confirm
  10. So now you have successfully reset your Instagram account.

How to Reset Instagram Password on Mac Or PC

If you know your password, you can log in to your account and reset it very easily by these steps:

  1. On your Mac, open Instagram on your web browser.
  2. Tap on your profile.
  3. Click on the settings
  4. Now click on the change password option.
  5. Enter the current password and then re-enter the new password twice.reset-instagram-password-on-mac-or-use-forgot-password-option-on-mac-or-pc

If you have entirely forgotten your password, then again follow the previous steps of entering the mail id or number, and you will receive a link in the mail; and by following that link from your mail id, you can enter a new password and re-enter a password, by conforming it you can access your account back.

How to Reset Instagram Cache on iPhone: Instagram Documents & Data

Reset the Instagram settings wipe the cache, and free up space from your device consumed by the Instagram app. To deliver a great Instagram user experience, the app will save the offline data for lighter and smooth performance that we can check and calculate using the below steps,

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone.
  2. Scroll to General Option and Scroll to iPhone Storage.iphone-storage-option-in-settings-for-delete-instagram-app-and-data
  3. Now, Again Scroll to the Instagram app, and here’s the “App Size” and “Document & Data size“.
  4. Here’s we must have to Choose Delete App, this option is only removed Instagram Data. That Offload App Doesn’t do.delete-app-and-data-of-instagram-app-from-iphone
  5. Then, Re-Download the Instagram app from the App Store.
  6. That’s it.

How to Reset Instagram App Settings on iPhone

I mean, are you trying to reset the Instagram app settings on your iPhone? Great news for Instagram iPhone users. You have all the settings for the Instagram app in one place under the Settings app on your iPhone.

Check out the below steps,

  1. Open the Settings app on iPhone > Scroll to Instagram option.
  2. Tap on it and find the settings like Location access by Instagram app, Use your Saved Contacts, Photos albums, Microphone, Camera, Siri & Search, Notifications, Backgroud App refresh and use on Cellular data and Allow tracking.

Sometimes, Due to internal software issues and bugs, Instagram settings will not appear under the iPhone settings app. To re-appear here, Delete the app and Re-install the Instagram app.

How to Reset Instagram Followers

Try on your risk, Becuase Instagram doesn’t give the option to unfollow or remove all the followers from your account But some third-party app will help to remove all the followers in your Instagram account.

in the same way, we can manage followings in the Instagram account, Delete posts in bulk, and much more. Do search in Google or Download the app from the App Store on iPhone Or from the Play store on android mobile.

you are not interested in doing an action like this, then Deactivate your Instagram account and publicly hide your account. Later on, we can reactivate our Instagram account anytime.

So, these are the few steps you can follow to reset your password of Instagram and enjoy the app.

Kindly share your reviews below, and I hope this article will help you with the same issue.

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