Does Bumble Automatically Update Your Location in 2023?

Bumble App is highly reliable on the Location, which results in relative and reliable match suggestions wherever you go around. You can create an anonymous profile on Bumble, hiding from known friends and family. However, there isn’t a way to stay anonymous regarding your current Location. Bumble’s location policy is beneficial to keep up the precise results. This means you can’t use Bumble or even open the app without giving Location access to Bumble App.

I’ve seen many people asking various questions regarding the GPS, such as can I disable the Location on Bumble, change Location on Bumble, fake Location on Bumble, manually set the Location, etc. So we’ve prepared this article to answer all of such questions, read the article to the end.

How Does Bumble Location Works?

The Bumble app will only capture your Location when you’re using the app and if the app is closed, meaning the Location is off. While you’re offline, the app will use the most recent Location detected while you were online. The app will use the same information to show other Bumble users while they are swiping their feed. Sometimes the app uses Wi-Fi and GPS data to track your Location.

Can You Use Bumble while Location is Disabled?

Unfortunately, there is no way to use Bumble without turning on the Location for Bumble and the device itself. Even if you try to do it, the app won’t work, and you’ll have to close it. Also, since it is a dating app, the algorithm is developed to provide the matches around your area, rather than other cities or countries. Therefore, changing or manipulating Location isn’t easy and, of course, unworthy if you’re finding a friend or date on Bumble.

How to Manually Change Location in Bumble?

Manipulating or showing a Fake location on Bumble is strictly prohibited, or you can say impossible directly from the app. However, many people find this irritating as they can’t use Bumble while traveling to another city for work, and meanwhile, Bumble is useless in such cases.

How to Fake Location in Bumble?

The only option to Fake Location in Bumble is using any VPN service on the phone. ExpressVPN, OpenVPN, Nord VPN are a few paid VPN apps, or you can try any reliable free app from the respective store. This should do the trick, set the Location manually in the VPN app, and open the Bumble app later.

Use Bumble’s Travel Mode (Premium Feature)

Bumble’s Travel Mode is a premium feature that lets you set the Location manually for up to seven days, so if you’re planning a trip, go with Bumble Travel Mode from the moment you leave the city or town because of the countdown for seven days would start immediately.

Here’s how to use Bumble Travel Mode,

  1. Go to the Bumble App.
  2. Open the Settings in the Bumble app.
  3. Find Location settings, and hit Travel to…
  4. Locate the desired city and there you go.
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