How to Tell Who SuperSwiped You In Bumble on iPhone, iPad, Android 2023

🗓️ February 10, 2022 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelIf you’re truly interested in someone, use the Super Swiped feature to let the other person know. Instead of just swiping, Super Swiped is a great way to express how serious you’re about he/she. Plus, if someone is very interested in you, he or she can use Super Swiped to let you know about the same. Like any other app, Bumble offers premium services, for which you have to pay a fee, and Super Swiped is also the premium feature of Bumble.

However, it’s worth using, if you’re really interested in connecting with someone unknown around your town. Read this article, to know how Super Swiped works in Bumble, how do you know who Super Swiped you? and get more answers right here.

How to Tell Who Super Swiped You In Bumble on iPhone, Android

How Does Super Swiped Works in Bumble?

As I said earlier, Super Swipe is a premium feature, meaning, you’ve to pay Bumble coins to use the Super Swipe. Presently, a single Super Swipe costs one Bumble coin, besides, if you’ve received a Super Swiped notification, it means that the person has also paid to send you Super Swipe.

While it’s too tough to get a Swipe Right on your profile and make a connection with peoples unless you’re lucky enough to get potential matches. Even though, you’ll be notified if someone has swiped right on your profile, visit the Connections and start chatting with them.

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How to Know If Someone has Super Swiped My Profile?

1: From Notifications

View All Superswipe for you on Bumble App

View All Superswipe for you on Bumble App

Bumble developers have really made these process simple by sending a notification for every new activity, likewise, you’ll get notifications if someone has super swiped your profile on Bumble.

Usually, Bumble sends notifications either someone has right swipe or super swipe your profile, besides, the same can be detailed can be accessed from the Bumble app, tap on the Message icon and start chatting with them.

Boost SuperSwipes on Bumble app

Boost SuperSwipes on Bumble app

For Super Swipe, you’ll be notified that this isn’t a normal swipe but a super swipe.

2: From Bumble Feed

While you’re scrolling Bumble feed, and the same person appears in the feed who Super Swiped you,

If someone has Super Swiped you, and also appeared in the Bumble feed, then that profile will surely label with a ‘Superswiped you‘ message. This is another way to know who Super Swiped you.

How to Get More SuperSwipes on Bumble

There are few things to be looked up when you’re creating a profile on dating apps like Bumble. Here they are,

1: Upload Catchy Photo

Your photo is the first reason, why people want to swipe right or Super Swipe to make an immediate connection. Plus, before uploading any photo make sure it isn’t edited that Bumble moderators or people can’t see your face,

2: Fill the About Section

About Section is where you put your thoughts and introduce yourself with an appealing bio. Up to 300 characters are allowed in the Bio section which is enough to write captivating lines.

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What if I’ve Super Swiped by Mistake?

There’s nothing to worry about it, many people face this situation regularly and super swipes the profile by mistake. If someone has super swiped by mistake and they didn’t reply to you back, this type of case usually falls under accidental swipes. You can ignore such things.

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