How to Turn Up Ringer on iPhone 14 Pro Max: No Sound fixed

iPhone ringtone ring up issues

Usually, most users think that using Volume buttons controls the ringer volume of the iPhone; in reality, it is not valid. Instead, they control the System Volume of any Apple iPhone with Volume buttons. Unfortunately, due to this unknown change, sometimes we missed essential calls. This change was made with the latest iOS version.

So to turn up the ringer volume in iPhone 14 Pro Max and Earlier iPhones, you have to follow few steps mentioned below, and then only you can turn up the ringer volume in reality.

Alternatively, you can find and set boosted sound ring on your iPhone using these free apps to download the iPhone ringtone free.

iPhone ringtone ring up issues

We Define what to do?

iPhone ringtone is silent or plays too low.

  • Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
  • Step #2: Select “Sounds & Haptics”.
  • Step #3: Lastly, drag the slider to the right side under the Ringer & Alerts section and turn up ringer on iPhone.

However, in some situations, if you want to lower down the ringer in iPhone 14 Pro Max, then follow the same above steps and drag the slider towards the left.

iPhone ringer and sound settings

How to adjust ringer volume in iPhone 14 Pro Max with volume buttons

Alternatively, there is one more quick way to increase ringer/ringtone volume on iPhone 14 Pro Max. That is, you can also control the ringer volume using the Volume buttons. But only if you enable the Change with Buttons can you manage the ringer volume only when your iPhone is not playing any audio, and the Volume button will control the System Audio.

To set your Volume buttons to control your iPhone 14 Pro Max ringer, then follow the steps,

  • Step #1: Launch “Settings” app.
  • Step #2: Tap “Sounds & Haptics”.
  • Step #3: Toggle on the “Change with Buttons”.

From now on, you can control the ringer volume in iPhone right from the Volume buttons only if any other audio is not playing on your device.

A ringtone is turn off or not playing

Check the side mute/unmute switch; if the orange mark on the switch appears, that means your iPhone is silent, and the switch is ON position.

Keep it off to get ringtone sound for incoming ringtone calls or message alerts.

Turn on Mute or unmute side button switch on iPhone XS max (1)

If you are having a big issue, you can restore your device to factory settings or get free help from apple service nearby. Book an appointment to fix hardware or software problems you can’t figure out.

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