How to use 3D touch in iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus: iOS 9

Last Updated: Sep 10, 2015

3D touch or Force Touch now works on new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus with iOS 9. Through 3D touch you can access your apps functionally from your home screen, in fact you don’t need to go inside the app for use app, and from this tutorial you can get all app that’s supporting 3D touch. In short you can get the whole idea about new apple’s concept shared in keynote about how to use 3D touch in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.

Note: 3D touch available in new iPhone models (All sizes), It’s depends on hard ware configuration not on iOS (iOS 9). Are you exited for use 3D touch (Force touch) doing update your iOS with Beta or public iOS 9 forcefully. Basically 3D touch works on laser technology behind your iPhone screen. Apple will release iOS 9 public for all compatible devices on 16 September.

How to use 3D touch in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus on iOS 9 – Force Touch

Here I explained you 3D touch or Multi touch technology works on your iPhone 6S and where you can use for easy job. Each time 3D touch will give hidden option near to icon when you press and hold on app forcefully.

3D touch with Music app and Camera app

How to use 3D touch in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S PlusWhen you press on music app forcefully, you will get option for search music, Play Music list, or Play current song by swipe up your finger over popup and to choose option from popup lift up from there.

For Camera: You can see Take selfie, Record video and Record slo-mo.

Use 3D touch on contacts/ Phone app in iPhone 6S/ 6S +

contacts app works with force touch or 3D touchOpen phone app, Choose contacts from favorites or recent contacts and force touch on it. Popup option will be appeared option for Mail, Message and Call.

Use 3D touch/ multi touch iMessage for open and forward

3D touch in iMessage on iPhone 6SiMessage is very handy with 3D touch, When you tap and forcefully hold photo, you will get preview in full screen, and by swiping it up you can forward, copy or delete easily. Other messenger app will be also work like that. From the iMessage text you can view link in browser from there, See location on Map by force touch on link.iMessage app with 3D touch in iPhone 6S

Use 3D touch or multi touch on mail app

Mail app with 3D touch in iOS 9Press and hold mail app icon on your screen, popup menu will appear with option like Inbox, VIP, Search Mail, and Send new message. Open mail from mail app press and hold on mail, swipe up for read full text or reply and forward to other directly.Mail and Map app with 3D touch

How to use 3D touch in Map app

From your iPhone home screen, Tap and hold on Mail app you can get direct option for Direction home, Set or note your current direction, Send location to other, and Search anything near to you.

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Very interesting concept that you never see in other mobile OS and first time you can use in new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus. Stay touch with us for more about new in apple devices. And also share your experience on How to use 3D touch in iPhone 6S for daily use personally from below comment box.