Complete guide: How to use Instagram direct on iPhone, iPad

Instagram direct proved worth to Millions of active users on Instagram. Now we can start a new conversation and existing conversation thread from timeline easily and effortlessly. Here I tried to give all help for different types of user’s problems for beginners and expert.

Recently launched new Direct into Instagram iPhone App is a crucial one and totally revamped from old direct tab. New direct works better than previous firmware instant application. New direct is a good approach to make the conversation into a visible chat screen.

Instagram integrated Messenger service So we don’t need to install extra messenger app on the iOS device. We can use alternate account by add new account in Instagram and switch from the profile.

Instagram direct message helps to promote your business and brands in Unique ways, Easy to manage from your Instagram App timeline as a Shortcut method.

Guide: How to use Instagram direct on iPhone, iPad: iOS

Keep up-to-date Instagram app to the latest version, From app store.

Turn on Enable Instagram direct from iPhone app

Launch Instagram app on iPhone, iPad

Go to your Instagram Timeline by a tap on Home icon from bottom strip.

1 see Direct Message screen in Instagram iPhone iPad app

Slide finger from right to left. Now you can see Direct screen. Now you

are on Direct Instagram thread.

Use it for send message,

Accept new Request in Instagram Messenger, Instagram Direct

Go to the Instagram Direct screen, Find New pending request at top right corner of the screen. Tap on Profile name > Allow.

2 Accept Request in instagram Message

Find or add a new recipient Instagram direct

Using this way we can send a direct message on Instagram to unknown by simple search Instagram name or username.

Tap on “+” for add new insta users in direct thread. Search user with text and Find related under the Suggestion section.

3 Search name and start to send message in instagram app

Yes, we can add more than one Instagram recipients at once. it will automatically convert in to Group. Otherwise go with one to one conversation. Get how to use group in .

Create a Group, Send text, Sticker and Photos in Group

Start A new conversation and Add more people [More that one].

Tap on Next, Give name of Your group. Send a message at the same time.

4 Create Group in Instagram iPhone iPad app

You are done.

Under the Instagram group anyone can leave Conversation any time from Group details.

How to send direct message on Instagram

You can send direct message, Photo or video to unknown from your account. Go to conversation thread, Tap on “+” icon at top right corner.

Search Instagram username, Send first Wellcome message.

How to send disappearing photo in Instagram direct

Don’t miss to use new Instagram Sticker update in Pack. Go to the “ Instagram Direct” screen, Tap on Camera icon near to Person Name.

Shoot different camera mode Normal, Boomerang and HANDS-FREE video. Tap on Send.

7 Image Disappeared on instagram

You can get Notification (Send a Photo, Played & Replayed, Sent a Video) in the conversation thread. Next, See ow to mute or unmute notification on Message in Instagram.

How to mute and Unmute conversation threat notification

Track who see Message through notification? and Stop that, Now Individual setting for each thread in whole conversation list. Go to conversation and Tap on (i) details,

5 Block Direct message in instagram iPhone iPad app

Enable Toggle – Mute Notification if you won’t get alert on new message or who has seen your message.

Delete Conversation From Instagram Direct thread list

Go to the insta direct screen, Slide to left on username: Shortcut options are Mute/ Unmute, Delete.

9 Instagram Direct for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch

How to block Instagram direct

Not interested in Instagram messenger chat, Open conversation, Go to conversation profile, Tap on (i) details.

6 notification block on instagram iPhone iPad app

Tap on Block.

Send Sticker in Instagram Direct Message thread

Sticker is free for use, might be you don’t get new released in USA or other countries. Instagram gift to millions of users to celebrate geo location base days and Holidays.

Take photo, Slide finger up or Tap on Face icon and use Sticker that you want in a photo. Read my article on how to use Sticker in Instagram.

This tutorial covered most common problems on Instagram direct user guide. Have you any, Apart from above share with us.