iPhone XS Max Not Connecting to Computer or Doesn’t Recognize iPhone Windows 10

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Every program needs a specific driver to run on Windows or Mac PC. Without drivers, you cannot access anything on your computer. And so to access your iPhone XS Max on Windows PC, you will need USB driver that helps to recognize your device on the computer. If iPhone XS Max not connecting to a computer doesn’t recognize iPhone on Windows 10, then you must look out in this post to fix this issue.

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Keep note that your iTunes application on your PC should be updated.

Note: If iTunes doesn’t recognize iPhone XS Max, then unlock your iPhone and tap “Trust” when you see “Trust this Computer”. After that only you can access iPhone on your Windows or Mac.

Most Common problems for this are,

  1. A driver is outdated or USB Drive is not installed [Follow Two Methods]
  2. USB Lightning Cable is Faulty [Change Cable]
  3. Laptop or PC’s USB Port is Loose or Not Working/ Disabled sometimes for the privacy on public pc [Microsoft guide]
  4. Try Another PC to check if the problem in your iPhone (If yes, Contact Apple Support).
  5. Hard Reboot your iPhone in this way [Hand on iPhone XS Hard Reboot].
iPhone XS Max Not Connecting to Computer
iPhone XS Max Not Connecting to Computer

There are two different ways to fix this depending upon from where you have downloaded iTunes.

If iTunes is downloaded from Windows, then follow the steps,

Step #1: Firstly, disconnect the iPhone XS Max from the computer.

Step #2: Now, re-connect the iPhone XS Max to the computer.

Step #3: On your Windows 10 computer, type “Device Manager” on the taskbar.

Step #4: Locate and click to expand “Portable Device Manager”.

Device Manager for Update iPhone Driver on windows 10
Device Manager for Update iPhone Driver on windows 10

Step #5: There you will find the connected iPhone XS Max.

Step #6: Right-click on the device’s name (iPhone XS Max).

Step #7: Select “Update Driver” and then click on “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

Search iPhone Drive on Windows 10
Search iPhone Drive on Windows 10

Allow to search iPhone driver on windows 10

Now, Now to verify that the driver has been updated, follow the steps:

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” of your PC.

Step #2: Click on “Update & Security”.

Step #3: Select “Windows Update”.

If they show there is no update available for your computer then, you are done.

If you have downloaded iTunes from Apple Store, then follow these steps,

Reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Driver

Step #1: Disconnect and reconnect the iPhone XS Max to the PC.

Step #2: Close down iTunes, if it is open.

Step #3: Open “Run” windows by pressing Windows+R.

Step #4: Paste the following command line,

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers

Step #5: Next, right-click on the files usbaapl64.inf or usaapl.inf which has file type “System Information”.

Step #6: Click on “Install”.

Disconnect the device and restart the computer and then open “iTunes” and reconnect the iPhone XS Max.

Still, iPhone XS Max doesn’t recognize my Windows computer then you might want to try this last troubleshoot to fix the error.

Step #1: Type “Device Manager” on the taskbar of the computer.

Step #2: Click to expand “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”.

Step #3: Select the “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” by right-clicking on it.

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Step #4: Click on “Update Driver” and then select “Search automatically for updated driver software”.

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