Is it possible to screen record in Clubhouse? Clubhouse privacy settings

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The town’s most popular voice-based audio app, Clubhouse, has officially earned a favorite spot among its slew of customers in recent times. So what is this jazz around Clubhouse all about? We should know at the outset that in March 2020, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, the two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs co-founded this app for public use. It currently has over two million users and is worth over $1 billion. Anyone with an iPhone can download the app and join in on the discussion. To enter the app’s discussion, however, one must be invited. Clubhouse states in its app description that “anyone can get one by entering the waitlist or asking a current user for one.”

One may rightfully wonder about the charming appeal of this application. We certainly cannot dismiss Elon Musk’s instrumental role in this when his appearance on the app attracted potential users. Celebrities and significant personalities such as Oprah, Drake, Tiffany Hadish, Jared Leto, and Kevin Hart are frequent users of this unique audio chat social network. But despite its popularity, Clubhouse comes with its limitations and shortcomings. For starters, it is currently only available on iOS apps. Anyone with an iPhone can download the app, which allows you to listen in on conversations and engage in them.

Screen Record in Clubhouse in Live Conversion Room

Heads up – sharing recordings without the speaker’s permission violates the community guidelines and will result in suspension. Thx!

Clubhouse Suspension on Recording screen for Clubhouse room
Clubhouse Suspension on Recording screen for Clubhouse room

Conversation rooms appear and vanish as people start and stop using them. And Clubhouse doesn’t keep track of it. However, this does not rule out the possibility that other members will find a way to capture chats. Although conjectures are out regarding the app’s security and privacy policies, authorities quickly dismissed any on-app recording rumors. Users, on the other hand, have found several ways to capture chats. 

While the app states that it does not record conversations in its rooms, this does not cancel other users’ possibilities. And recordings of conversations between celebrities like Musk show that there are ways to get around Clubhouse’s 5,000-person cap in its room. Hence, the real question remains. Can one screen record the conversations in Clubhouse? And what does this mean against the backdrop of our privacy and security concerns? 

Concerns regarding Data Sharing

In reality, the idea that anyone can record a room and stream the material elsewhere is one of Clubhouse’s most significant flaws. Although the app clearly states the penalty which comes with violation of its privacy protocols, users have found a way to record conversations. When Elon Musk broke Clubhouse’s previously defined limits of working with only 5000 people in the room, users found a way to live stream this grand event and release it on Youtube.

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How to Screen Record?

The Clubhouse does not allow you to record audio with the built-in iOS screen recorder or with Quicktime on a Mac. 

Other feasible options are listed below :

  • A PowerREC is one of the best but simple screen recorders you can use to record Clubhouse. It has an intuitive user-interface that allows you to record Clubhouse in just a few taps.
  • The next app is Record It, a recording app that allows you to record all Clubhouse activities in HD quality in just one move. It also helps you to record your reactions to the screen using your front camera. If you want to make a video for YouTube or other social networking sites like Facebook, this app will come in handy.
  • TechSmith Capture is the last recording software you can use. It’s instrumental on iOS mobile devices, allowing you to record Clubhouse whenever you want. It has a simple interface that helps you to quickly record all of your iOS phone’s activities with only a few taps.

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Flouting of Rules

When it comes to recording Clubhouse, there are specific fundamental rules to follow. One of the most highlighted rules is that you must seek your Clubhouse mates before recording it. Since this is a private social media app, you won’t be able to archive any conversation quickly. In early February, the Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) discovered that a user was streaming audio feeds and metadata from several rooms to a particular website. Clubhouse said that this was against their terms of service. It removed the user from the site and said it had added security protocols to prevent this from happening again. However, one cannot be too reckless about their private information and, thus, proceed safely while sharing information. 

Although one can technically record the activities happening in a room, it still goes against the rules. Anybody found recording calls will be issued a warning by the app when it happens for the first time. Continuous disregard of rules shall lead to a permanent ban. However, despite all of this, the critical fact about the app’s questionable security and privacy issues should not evade us.

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