How to Make a Custom Clubhouse Profile Picture in 2024

in this article, I’ll show you creative ideas to make a clubhouse profile picture covered with the list of clubhouse profile picture dimensions size, clubhouse profile pic border, clubhouse profile picture template for Android & iOS app.

With over 10 million users and an ever-increasing user base day after day, the reasonably new Clubhouse app is currently creating many buzzes all around. It is an audio-only exclusive chat application launched in March 2020, growing globally at an astonishing rate. 

What is the Clubhouse Social Network App?

This new social media startup competing against field giants such as Facebook and Instagram can be the next big thing with several high-profile celebrities currently active on it. As a’a’ drop-in audio chat,’ the Clubhouse app, described in the app store, is a virtual chat room with people communicating only through voices instead of text messages.

It is now an invite-only platform that might go public soon with all the striking popularity. 

The app’s entirely audio-driven feature is its central social nature that also rules out the options of comments or DMs. The only kind of text communication available is what the user writes as part of their profile bio.

The real-time conversations here give people the feels of actually being present in a room as part of a chat. Users can enter a ‘room’ and join in a discussion or only listen to the conversation.

They can connect and follow others and can also create groups with shared interests. 

What is the Clubhouse Voice Only App used for?

The Clubhouse has many influential users, including celebrities, artists, athletes, business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals. The topics range from the music industry, relationships, health, real estate investing, and sports. These provide a more pleasant way to connect and network with all types of people on the app. 

Since this platform is more about conversation and less about a user’s personal life or info, there is rarely any room for Clubhouse bio or profile photo customization. As a result, many users use humorous ways to add a little color and highlight their profile photos among the heap of avatars in popular chat ‘rooms.’ Clubhouse profile pictures emerged as an effective way to get noticed in the app’s rooms and stand out from the rest. 

Highlight your Clubhouse App profile

First of all, customizing your Clubhouse app profile picture is one of the easiest and perfect ways to make your profile noticeable, among others. The following are the steps to do so:

  • Click on the round icon with the existing photo in the top right corner of the screen and open bio.
  • Click on the user profile picture to view it on full screen.
  • Click it one last time to change it to something else and choose one from your gallery. 

Further, if you want to customize your picture with a different style, you can pursue any of the following ways to do so. 

Ideas to Write Good Clubhouse Bio on Your Profile

Clubhouse Profile Picture Dimensions

  • As per my learn, The clubhouse has the same Profile Photo Size that has an Instagram profile. You can make a good clubhouse profile picture template.
  • Clubhouse Profile Photo Size– Recommended 110 x 110 Pixels
  • Clubhouse Profile picture Recommended Resolution: 110 x 110 pixels.
  • Clubhouse Profile picture Maximum Resolution: 180 x 180 pixels. Aspect Ratio: 1:1 and square Profile photo (shows as a circle face)

Display a Clubhouse Emoji on your profile picture 

Including a status emoji on top of your profile picture is another exciting way of boosting its appearance. The easiest way you can do that is by copying any emoji as text and pasting it into the ‘Add status emoji’ field. You can also preview the picture before uploading it if you want to switch to another one. There are also several template websites to customize your profile picture the same way. 

Free Tips to get Lot of Followers on Clubhouse

Create a Ring around your profile picture: A Good Clubhouse Profile tips 

One of the unique ways to add an extra flair to your profile picture is by adding a ring around your profile picture. The ones that already had this feature stood out the most for many people, so it became a huge trend later. These profile pictures were circular and had an extra colored ring around them. However, it is not a particular characteristic to delineate a unique profile but a modification that any account can do. 

  • First, add the ring to your photo, adjust the border of your profile picture using an editor on any template website. 
  • Choose the specified color you want to add and then adjust its thickness. 

There is also a well-known app for this purpose known as Canva. It acts as an online tool to create almost any design for any post on your social media profiles or accounts. For a customized Clubhouse profile picture, using an existing Instagram-based profile template will work well. Consequently, 

  • Start a new project on Canva by selecting a blank Instagram Post as your template. 
  • Pick a circular outline in the panel on the left of the top tab.
  • Select a design you like, delete any extra elements, and make sure the circle is in the center. 
  • Upload your photo to the template and change the colors to what you prefer. 
  • Once you are content with the result, click on Download. 

These are some ways to customize your Clubhouse profile picture to set it apart from the rest of the accounts. A good quality photo and some extra subtle elements always go a long way to have a noticeable profile. The ring or circular border is also one of the most popular trends you try for your Clubhouse profile.

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