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Fix iTunes error 3194 on Windows 10

How to Fix iTunes error 3194 on Windows 10 PC and Laptop

I discussed here what are the exceptions to update or restore the iPhone? What are the causes and how to fix itself by modifying important file saved in windows local drive? Apple reported about this evergreen error mostly popup while we update or restore iPhone using iTunes on Windows system or Mac. Let’s get the guide on troubleshoot iTunes error 3194 on Windows 10.

Three main reasons would be software not up-to-date, Connection interrupted or blocked. Let’s check your case and try to troubleshoot each one by one.

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Get rid of iTunes Error 3194 Windows 10 PC or Laptop

Fix iTunes error 3194 on Windows 10

1. Primary solution Needs software update

Try to update your iTunes, check the current version or Uninstall/ Reinstall from the Apple website.

Open iTunes, Go to the top menu Help > about iTunes

To update it, Help > Check for Updates

if you get any update message screen, kindly update your machine software version and then try again. in case of this clue not working to fix error 3194 iTunes, then continue for next solution. i hoping you will get success.

2. Check host file in Primary C drive

Here’s the path where hosts file located: type below path in File explorer quick access.


Open host file on windows 10

Hit enter, Choose the program for view & Edit file (Recommended “Notepad”).

Open host file on Windows 10 with Notepad

Copy below the line and Add-in file, at last, see image below. gs.apple.com

fix iTunes error 3194 by change host file on windows 10

Save hosts file.

Now, try to Update using clean install and Restore iPhone using iTunes.

3. TCP/IP filtering, Disable security Software

  1. Make sure about your system protected with 2019 or Outdated security or antivirus software. Temporary uninstall or disable it.
  2. Check internet connection, working properly as regular.
  3. The system is running on Broadband via the router, Bypass connection and temp connect internet cable to PC or Laptop.
  4. Restart Windows or Router after Disable security software.

4. Restore & Update

Anyhow still your system creating problem to connect System server, Change your PC or try on another Windows System.

Other errors 3100 to 3999, 1639 or 3000 – 3020 if you found on PC, Some time it happens due to network configurations & Settings.

Cheer and get fixed error 3194 successfully on Windows 10/ 8 or 7 by following step by step above guide.

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