No Game Sound on iPhone: Here’s Fix

No Game sound on iPhone XS iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR

Your iPhone Sound control conflicts between alternate ways to turn on or mute Sound while we play music, Games, or Run the app. Find the Exact tips to fix for No Sound on iPhone Games or Apps. Too many iPhone users have the Same query, They can hear Sound from Music, Video but won’t hear sound from Games or apps while play on screen. Such a surprising story behind it. That really works and fixes all kinds of sound issues on the new iPhone, iPad.

We already helped to iPhone XS [Max] users on reddit those are suffering the issues with no sound on iPhone Games.

Tips That Work For Below symptoms

  • iPhone Sound Not Working without Headphone
  • Game sound is coming on Headphone mode only
  • Different Option that can manage your iPhone sound: Volume up/ Volume Down and Mute.
No Game sound on iPhone XS iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR

5 Solutions for iPhone No Game Sound issues

I don’t have audio on some games..

Solution 1: Check Silent Mode

iPhone case – in case of you’re using Phone case, then I think sometimes you maybe accidentally toggling the Silent/Mute switch and that makes phone sound muted that I have also experienced,

So that please check your phone is not on silent mode. If it’s set upward side or Turn off, however, No game sound issues, then use Volume Up button to increase volume.

Also, Check Mute & Unmute settings option in the Game app.

1 Turn off Mute button on iPhone

Solution 2: What game you are playing?

You should check game sound settings. The Game developer designs the game settings as its own criteria. Therefore, check the game sound toggle and make sure it isn’t turn Off.

Solution 3: Version of Games

The out-dated game version may cause the many issues for example recently you are facing game sound not working on XS Max or any iPhone.

Please open the Apps Store – Tap on Update tab – Find Game and check for update. If any update available please update it and then try to play again.

Un-plug Bluetooth Headphone- in case of you’re playing a game with attached headphone then you can’t get sound in the air. To get game sound in your room then please remove Bluetooth accessory.

None of the above clues working, don’t worry, we have collected some effective solutions that you have to follow.

Solution 4: Restart Your iPhone

Press and hold the Side button & either volume button until the slider appears on your iPhone.

Next Drag the slider to turn your iPhone completely off.

After your iPhone turns off, then press and hold the Side button again until you see the Apple logo.

Take a trip of Apple Store. Or you can also get Apple support on a Phone call.

Solution 5: Restore iPhone Using iTunes in Recovery mode

  1. Open iTunes on Mac or PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone to iTunes using lightning cable.

Now Hard Reboot your iPhone, Press and Quickly release volume up button, Now Press and Quickly Release Volume down button. And Press and Hold on side button only until you see iTunes logo and Lighting cable on screen.

Also, check on your Desktop screen, iTunes will say your iPhone is in recovery mode and let’s start to restore your Device.

During this process, iTunes will Erase all the data and Copy back to iPhone while we set up new iPhone using iTunes.

That’s it.

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