iOS 15.2.1/14: How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode after iOS Update or Water Damage

Last Updated on Dec 25, 2020

There are different reasons for your iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode and since your phone speakers don’t work. So Sometimes you receive phone call sound then it is only through headphones or on speaker mode. Suppose if you are trying to press volume control then it says headphones when none plugged in.

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After dropping in water – I mean water damage hardware problem with the headphone jack or After iOS update the latest version iOS 14. Don’t worry let see here what do you do if your iPhone speaker stuck in headphones mode. I Hope my Workable techniques help you to get stuff out of your headphone jack.

List of Solution to fix iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

fix iPhone Stuck in headphones Mode

Put your iPhone in AirPlane mode and wait for 15 minutes will fix your phone to put out of headphone mode.

  • To put your phone in Airplane Mode – Launch Control Center and Tap on the AirPlane button appear into the Wi-Fi card.

Take a Q-Tip to clean out your iPhone headphone jack. This makes the volume is back to normal.

You can also take a bud and dip it into the lighter fluid or deodorants then clean inside the jack. This way will almost work to remove solid particles such as grits, debris, any grease which prevents the bearings in the jack from working.

Update your iPhone to the latest version iOS 14.3 or later.

Check for an update – Open Settings App – Tap General – Tap Software Update

Many users said you have to call someone with your iPhone headphone jack ON and hit speaker so Once you hang up then turn your iPhone on Silent then turn off.

You should go on Voicemails and play it to listen to them on Speakers.

In case you iPhone or iPad water damage and it stuck in headphones mode then please take a hairdryer and flow it for 10 seconds. This fine worked in my brother’s case.

After applying to troubleshoot to unstuck headphones mode – none of the clues worked for you then I think you need to make an appointment at the genius bar at your local Apple Store to have them evaluate it.

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