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How to Pair-Unpair Siri remote with Apple TV 4th Generation

Now, stay ready to pair your new apple tv remote with Apple tv 4th generation and Apple TV 4K. I will share with you quickly understand the way that the Pair-Unpair Siri remote with Apple TV 4th Gen. Prior Apple tv (2nd and 3rd) Remote, Apple tv 4th gen & brand new Apple TV 5th Gen streaming box remote control Vastly different. Before you used the old version ATV and now you have new Atv 4, or 5 then you understand the difference between both.

Old ATV remote works by Cell while the brand new Apple tv 4th / 5th generation remote is chargeable (lighting cable) that called Siri Remote. It has many significant features like built-in Bluetooth, allows playing game and more. Right now there is no any function to connect more than one Siri remote with a single Apple TV 4K/4.

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Pair Siri Remote with Apple TV 4K/ 4th generation

Let’s back on topic, first when you unbox your Apple tv 4K or 4 and plug it in power through HDMI cable at the time your …

Siri remote should automatically pair with Apple Tv.

Even though while Siri remote battery percentage nearly to die then may you need re-pair again that you get here.

To Un-pair Siri Remote

Step 1. Keep remote on your hand. Otherside, keep turned on Apple TV.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Remote and Devicessetting for Pair Unpair Siri remote with Apple TV with Apple TV 4

Step 3. Choose Bluetooth and Select Remote and check remote is connected.

Now put your sir remote control three inches of your ATV and keep it at the front of your Apple Tv.

You can reset Apple tv doesn’t have a power button. Therefore, you can Restart Apple TV 4K/ 4th Gen either using Siri Remote or tv box cable plug out and back plugin.

To Restart ATV 4K/ 4 using Press Menu button and Volume Up button up to 5 sec. if you facing trouble regarding Apple TV Siri not working. Don’t worry. Get Fix from given link source.

So your TV will reboot. That’s it!

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