How to see all played songs history in Apple music iPhone

Unfortunately apple doesn’t gives option for see previously played songs in a list, feel each apple music users like that, means this stuff is not easy, So it seems. But don’t be painful on that, also great option is available in Apple music app for review all songs in a history. Same like other popular music apps (Pandora, Spotify, Slacker act.) Apple music improved much more and makes user friendly for play offline/ online songs as well. Learn, Step by step guide on Played songs history in Apple music.

Played Songs history option in Apple music app is always enabled, after Apple music subscription is over.Played songs history in Apple music iOS app

Steps for find played songs history in Apple Music iPhone app

Step 1: Go to the Apple Music app on iPhone/ iPad.

Step 2: Play any song in music app, just like show in below screen.

Step 3: Next, Tap on more playlist three horizontal link icon. See full list of songs.More full songs list in music app

Step 4: Then, you can see Up Next screen on app. Scroll down with finger to down ward.History music songs on iPhone

Above the now playing, all song are saved in History (Past listen song)

Note: recently played Songs in history are not removable.

Find recent search text on Apple music search box

Someone cheat and searching unhealthy search from your apple music, or also want to see all search by you in apple music app.

Tap on Clock icon in Search bar end.

For clear all search tap on “Clear” option at top right corner.Search history in music app

That’s it.

History is not important, so iTunes doesn’t include in backup. One your subscription is stopped, your history automatically clear when you re-join. You can’t restore history from old backup. But Past created playlist is restorable for later use from old backup.

Above tip is hidden and valuable for all music lovers easily to find from Played songs history in Apple music.


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