22 Productive Things to do on Macbook in 2023

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You can learn here – How do you use productively on a Mac? Apple’s products are well-known for their ease of use. If you already have an iPhone/ iPad, you’re probably familiar with Apple’s ecosystem. As a result, in 2022, everyone will need to know how to use a Mac. It is because the macOS operating system was created specifically for Apple machines. 

Compared to other software, macOS has the advantage of having a more straightforward user interface. Those familiar with Apple’s iOS mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads will notice that macOS is strikingly similar. Another advantage of macOS is that it has little to no lag. macOS is updated regularly by Apple to ensure that it remains secure and reliable. This way, you won’t have to be concerned about getting started.

Magical Productive things to do on your Mac

We’ve developed a list of things you can do with your Macbook daily to make life easier.

Make a temporary folder on your desktop

Only temporary files that need to be sorted should end up on your desktop. Your computer creates temporary files on its own. Temporary files are used to store data that is only needed for a short period. Most of the time, your system’s temporary files are automatically erased. However, it isn’t always the case. No file should be left on your desktop for more than 24 hours before being discarded or moved to the appropriate folder on your hard drive.

Calendar and to-do list on fullscreen

Finding a local macOS software is important since productivity apps that fail to merge well with your workflow can be painful. Try exhibiting a to-do list (Todoist) and a calendar on a second screen (or a virtual screen) (Fantastical). This app substitutes Post-it notes and a real calendar, making adding a to-do item or event faster. Todoist is a note-taking and organization app for all iOS devices that may help you stay on top of all your private and organizational undertakings.

Use the free Office software that is preinstalled on your laptop

Although Microsoft Office has been offered in Mac for some time, it’s not your only option! Apple’s office package, including iWork, will be preinstalled on your Mac. LibreOffice is another app that exists. You’ll wonder why you ever overpaid for productivity software if it’s this amazing. It works with all Microsoft document formats and has nearly all features found in the most recent versions of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. In addition, these excellent programs can save and open MS Office files.

Without any extra software, you can comment on and edit PDFs

It’s cumbersome to edit PDFs. You’ll need to obtain specialized software to modify the papers, especially if you’re using Windows. Fortunately, this isn’t the situation with Mac! The Mac offers a load-up Preview, which is a useful feature. It comes with a built-in PDF viewer and editor. Now you don’t need to install any extra program to annotate and modify your PDFs in Preview.

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Make sure your desktop is clean

Many computer users neglect to clean their machines. Leaving a computer filthy poses a significant risk to your machine. It’s time to clear up the desktop. The files on the desktop suck up chunks of your concentration dozens of times every day for no reason. Remove them entirely.

Organize the information you’ve gathered in your finder

Sorting files on your Macbook will help you make the most of your time. Organizing your finder is one method to do this. For example, add at least ten favorites that you’ll use 99% time. To navigate your folders more quickly, use the column view. By pressing enter, you can also rename files.

Add These Books to Your Reading List

Strong reading skills enable you to interpret and find meaning in everything you read, and you may enhance your ability to communicate via writing by continually improving these skills effectively. Safari on the Mac has a nice feature called Reading List that can be used as an alternative. Reading List creates a temporary bookmark for pages that you don’t want to save to your main bookmarks but want to return to. There’s also a quick option to add to your reading list in a matter of seconds. On the web page, hold shift+cmd+D together.

On a MacBook, swipe between your open apps

More people than ever before utilize social networking apps on their smartphones. As a result, it’s critical to install and use the appropriate ones and ensure that they’re simple and easy to navigate. Your trackpad will also have multi-touch capabilities if you have a MacBook. You’ll appreciate this technique if you’re idle, which is only available on MacBook Pros with trackpads. The iPhone isn’t the only device that supports multi-touch.

Remove any potential sources of distraction

You don’t need to see anything running sideways while focusing on a single task, say reading a book. Instead, have one or two windows open and concentrate on your work. Next, remove the top bar and the app bar from macOS. It frees up more room for the stuff that matters while also removing additional distractions, especially if you still receive notifications.

You can effortlessly text from your Mac

You can set up your Mac to send or receive SMS, so you’re not tied to your phone. First, you must set up your MacBook with the same email address as your iMessage account to use this feature. Then, on the iPhone, check the Settings, then Messages. After that, you can easily send as many SMS as you want by clicking on a phone number in your contacts!

These are some of the most self-fulfilling tasks you can incorporate into your daily use of the Macbook. Apart from these, there is a range of fun apps you can try out. So let’s have a look.

  • 1Password: 1Password is a fantastic program that remembers all of your passwords for you and secures them with a single password that exclusively you know. You may not realize it, but you undoubtedly spend a lot of energy memorizing your passwords, specifically if you fail to remember one for a frequently used app.

  • Hazel: Hazel by noodle soft is a Mac-only automated organization tool that will help you categorize your files automatically depending on any special rules you set.

  • Bear: Bear is a compact, versatile notes software for folks who want to take notes quickly. Bear’s rapid organization, editing capabilities, and exporting choices make it easy to write quickly and share anywhere while maintaining your privacy, thanks to encryption. In addition, it has a variety of inline styles, so you may tailor your notes to your interests while also remembering the setting in which you composed them.

  • Text finder: TextExpander’s ingenious shortcuts and abbreviations simplify and expedite whatever you type, allowing you to work faster and more efficiently. For example, TextExpander lets you write a brief text and automatically expand it.

  • Grammarly: Grammarly can assist you in detecting a grammatical or spelling fault. This Mac-integrated writing helper keeps track of everything you write and corrects it in real-time, so you’re aware of any potential errors before they become irreversible. Even though the Grammar Checker has been available for almost ten years, continuous enhancements have made it an extremely valuable writing tool.

  • Focus: If you are somebody with a really short attention span, this app is for you. Focus is a powerful tool that can help people become more efficient. iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac is the greatest time manager. This program allows you to impose specific time restrictions and other limitations on those who while away their time, allowing you to concentrate on the job at hand.

  • PDF Pen: Learners can use PDFPen to put together bits of knowledge into meaningful content. If you work with PDFs regularly, you’ve probably wished for a tool that would allow you to mark them up in any way you like. Students can use PDFpen to convert scans of book pages and images of handwritten notes into PDF files, which they can subsequently use to interact with their content using optical character recognition.

  • Bartender: It is a wonderful tool for those who often like to declutter their tabs. The Bartender is a smartly named software that arranges and tidy up your menu bar icons. With its assistance, you can also easily use keyboard shortcuts to get to them.

  • Snagit: We don’t love to keep a tab on our finds through screenshots sometimes. Of course, there are a lot of uses for a good screen-capture program, whether you’re attempting to show a technical issue or want to generate a humorous anecdote, but Snagit has its own set of benefits. With built-in editing for both still photographs and video, Snagit makes everything simple.

  • Keyboard Maestro: Keyboard Maestro is an outdated program that might still help you simplify your life. It lets you automate many tasks depending on a single trigger (like a hotkey combination or a quick connection to any wireless network).

  • Brave: Although not an app, Brave is a super important browser one should note. Brave is an open-source browser that resembles Chrome in appearance. You use the Chrome extensions, which have the same look and feel. However, there is one significant difference: privacy. Brave is well-designed to keep you anonymous. They have ad blockers and ad tracker blockers that are both automated, which is wonderful for privacy.

  • Toggle Desktop: If you want to save screen space on your MacBook, Toggl Desktop is an application that can also be used on your phone or tablet. Google is a fantastic tool for keeping track of your time. You can link an action to a project and a specific person or client. It makes it simple to observe how long your projects took, aids in task focus, and eliminates procrastinating.

Start your year on a productive note with these apps!

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