Disable or Deactivate Call Forwarding on iPhone

Setup and Enable Call Forwarding on iPhone XS/ XS Max or iPhone XR: Divert All Calls to Primary Number

iPhone Call Forwarding is amazing call management functionality for the iPhone users. Using this option under the settings we can move all the call coming on other Number divert into a primary number without Any charge. It’s free of cost and time-saving solution for the iPhone users right now. Also, We can do that on other smart mobiles just like this. It’s doesn’t matter that you are diverting iPhone’s contact number to android mobile. We can do this.

Find out the options for Call Forwarding under the iPhone’s settings app. Conditional Call Forwarding is also the option that helps to activate call Forwarding using Code.

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Steps for Turn on or Enable Call Forwarding on iPhone XS Max/ iPhone XS Or iPhone XR

1: On your iPhone’s home screen. Find the Settings app on iPhone.

2: Next to the Settings > Scroll to Phone option.

3: Now, Next Find the option for Call Forwarding. Enable Call Forwarding toggle.

Enable Call Forwarding on iPhone Setup or Activate
Enable Call Forwarding on iPhone Setup or Activate

And Select and Enter Forward to a number (This number must be activated or running on another device).

Both Numbers must in range of a Cellular network. So you can register your Number in a cellular company.

Note: Use Conditional Call Forwarding, Forward Call When Phone is Busy, Unreachable or Left Unanswered.

4: Don’t use a Country code, Here you need to enter your number only. [Forward to Number or Second Primary Number]

5: Go back to save and Apply changes on the whole setup.

6: Once call Forwarding options, or Setup is done, you can see Phone receiver with a middle arrow on your iPhone’s status bar.

AnyTime we can turn off or Disable Call Forwarding from iPhone

Go to the Settings app > Phone > Call Forwarding (Disable Forwarding) also Clear Entered a number (Clear all and Move Back to Save or Remove number).

That’s it.

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  1. Hello,
    I have dual sim iPhone XS max. I am using 2 numbers from different subscribers on this phone. One of the network has poor network.
    Is there a way to do conditional divert to any of the numbers when the network of one network is showing zero network.

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