How to Make a Conference Call on iPhone 15, 14 (Pro Max)

Don't know how to conference call on iPhone, or iPad? This tutorial teaches you how to do it very easily step by step.

Don’t have a good internet connection or Voice calling apps like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and more? We have a solution for you in that you can start a Group discussion clearly over the Carrier network that doesn’t use Cellular Data or Mobile Data.

Use iPhone Conference Call Limit up to Five people you can add that are placed in different locations worldwide. Add One by One next person and join them, In mind it until you add the person, your call will be on hold until you successfully join the next person on an existing call, So please tell the previous person to wait until you join another person in Conference calling.

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Steps for Creating a Group or Making a Conference Call on iPhone

  • Step 1: Connect the first call from your iPhone. After that, add new people [Third Call] from the Add Call Option on your Screen. Find Contact from Contact List and Select > Now; tap on Merge Calls. – Check Hands-On video tutorial below.
Make Conference Call between Three iPhone then Add and Merge call
Make Conference Call between Three iPhone then Add and Merge call
  • Step 2: Now You are calling with Each Other between 3 people, to add Another repeat the same process, Add Contact and Merge it.
Add Another Call and Merge call on iPhone
Add Another Call and Merge call on iPhone

In a conference call, you can add Android or Another company mobile, Telephone as well. It’s not limited to iPhone users.

That’s really amazing.

How to Put Conference Call on Speaker Phone

Any time you can put your iPhone into Speaker mode. Check the Below screen, there is a Speaker option button.

Conference call on SPeaker Phone
Conference call on SPeaker Phone

Remove or Discard Conference call People

You can remove any Contact from the Group call, by tapping on (i) button next to the person’s name appears on the screen. Select end to Remove from call. So it does not affect the Existing Group call, and you can continue to talk to Other people.

Call Failed or Disconnect while add participating in the conference call

A conference call or Merge Call not working on iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR

If you can’t make a conference call or Group call, by doing this, your first contacts automatically disconnect and Call Failed. Check the points below,

  • Contact you, Carrier, Some Carrier plans Don’t allow a Conference calling facility; Otherwise, it’s accessible by default.
  • Hard Reboot your iPhone
  • Reset Network Settings (Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings).
  • Check For an Updated iOS version to the latest OS. (Minor bug fixes and improvements are there.)

I hope you like these tips and Troubleshooting problems and Correct your Questions in your mind related to the Conference call on iPhone or Merge and Join the call on iPhone. Follow me on social to get more Updates that notified you first.

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