Fix Siri Suggestions not working on Your iPhone (iOS 17.1.1)

🗓️ May 29, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Siri Shortcuts is the new feature in iOS, check my past tutorial for, are you finding the solution for Siri Search Suggestion not Working in iOS? Most of the users are facing problems with Siri’s suggestion or Siri result when you type anything in the spotlight search box. In Siri’s problems, you will get overlapping results on the home screen or not perfect result after disabled/ after applying restriction still app showing in the result, Siri suggestions removed from spotlight search in the iOS device.

Now for iOS users, Siri’s suggestion new compare to old search. Here you can try more than one possible solution on Siri suggestions not working in iOS.

Fix: Siri suggestions not working on iPhone/ iPad

Update your device: With beta releases, Apple fixed most of the problem-related improvements, Siri search and many more. So you have to make your device up to date with the latest iOS version.

  1. Open the Settings App
  2. Tap General
  3. Click on Software Update (Current iOS version is iOS 16.5 or later)

Restart your iPhone, iPad

Soft restart works in this case, (Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake button). Or Hard reset your devices (Press and Hold Home button + Sleep/ Wake Button at once for 10 seconds continuously). Until the Apple logo will appear on the screen. More help: restart the iOS device

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This works in 85% case, when your Siri suggestions not working on iOS – iPhone, iPad. Still, are you not solve your problem then go to the next fix.

Disable/ Enable Siri Suggestions

Some internal error-disabled your Siri suggestions request as a turning off, so you have to repair it by enabling/ Disable manually under the

  • Go to the Settings App
  • Scroll the screen, Find and Tap Siri & Search
  • on Siri & Search screen setting, turn toggle Suggestion in Search off/white.
  • Now wait for a while and turn toggle Suggestion in Search On/Green.

A search Result will be Enabled for all apps

Siri’s suggestion is showing the result for the enabled app that has been turned on for the search result. Go to the Settings App > Tap Siri & Search > Scroll the Siri & Search screen and turn toggle green for all apps for the search result.

Customize siri suggestions in setting app

You can customize the search result appear on the spotlight search for the particular app from the above screen.

Siri suggestions not working in iOS 9 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Possibilities on Siri suggestion not working properly more on older iPhone models

Best of luck, this will work perfectly for Siri’s suggestions not working in iOS on iPhone/ iPad. Any suggestions and alternate solutions on this post share with us.

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Jaysukh Patel

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