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Are you exploring how do you fix Snapchat that could not connect to iOS devices? Get here all about to fix snapchat connection Error 2022. As of now, I have updated the iPhone to new iOS the Snapchat started showing errors. Usually, when we update iOS many apps get disturbed and started to show different kinds of errors. Like in Snapchat, I encountered the following errors on my iPhone “Could Not Connect Try again later” and “Please check your connection and try again later” even if I was connected to the internet with excellent speed.

During the iOS 16 update, Snapchat was down and not working; it was my own experience. Moreover, after some troubleshoot tips, the application finally launched, and then again the same it was showing login errors.

How to fix Snapchat error could not connect for ios devices

Here’s the complete guide on how to fix why does Snapchat keeps crashing on iPhone?

Fix 1: Restart the iPhone to fix Snapchat Could Not connect

Why does my Snapchat keep saying could not refresh please try again? Snapchat crashes while sending snaps or images to others can be fixed by force restarting the iPhone. Either way, it will also fix Snapchat won’t let you add friends.

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Fix 2: Update the Snapchat App to fix Snapchat Could Not connect

Go to App Store and check if an update is available for Snapchat or not. Because these updates contain a lot of bug fixes that were recently reported by users only. And you won’t face any difficulty in sending snaps or its lenses won’t work.

  • Open app store > Search Snapchat app and Tap on the App name to see the Update option, if available.

Fix 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Snapchat App from your iOS device

Uninstalling will remove all the Documents and Data of Snapchat, and every bug associated with that app will be removed with it. So try uninstalling the app and restarting the iPhone and then installing it.

Fix 4: Check Mobile Data for Snapchat

Some iPhone users keep their Mobile data off while using social apps like Spanchat, Instagram, or youtube that preventing data use and loss unknowingly. But there is a restriction for all iOS devices. check it and enable Mobile data for the snapchat app from the settings.

  1. Open Settings app on iPhone > Mobile Data/Cellular Data.
  2. Scroll to Snapchat and Enable the Snapchat toggle. Force close the snapchat app and Open & try again.enable-snapchat-for-cellular-or-mobile-data-on-iphone
  3. Hope this fixes the issue.

Fix 5: Reset Network Settings to resolve Snapchat Could Not connect error

Snapchat required a powerful internet connection to operate otherwise your snaps or messages will not deliver, and it will display “Please check your connection” or “Bad Connection” on display.

Steps to reset network settings for iOS 15 and later Version users

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Step #1: Open up “Settings”.
Step #2: Open “General” and then tap “Transfer or Reset iPhone”.
Step #3: Lastly, tap “Reset” > “Reset Network Settings” > Enter your iPhone Lock passcode and Try after Reboot once. This Process won’t erase other important settings, Media, Messages, and more.

Steps to reset network settings for iOS 14 and Earlier Version users

  • Go to the “Settings” App
  • open “General”.
  • Click on “Reset
  • and then on “Reset Network Settings”.

The iPhone will soon be ready to use and then try to open Snapchat on it.

Fix 6: is Snapchat server down or under maintenance?

Most of the app update maintenance and network issues cause problems in connectivity while you open the app on your device. and says the error or Crashing on open.

Know the updated information online about the “is snapchat server down or under maintenance?” Check Snapchat Server Status online visit: and know the status from where you are worldwide.

Fix 7: Update the iPhone to get rid of Snapchat Could Not connect

Every application has compatibility requirements, and if they are not fulfilled, then it will harass you by acting weird. So just update your iPhone if it is not up to date.

  • Step #1: Go to “Settings” and open “General”.
  • Step #2: Scroll down and click on “Software Update”.

I hope, the above fixes are helpful for you to get rid of the Snapchat that Could Not connect on iPhone.

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In 2022, Snapchat will be bringing up the new feature for an iOS device but the Phone would be no Jailbreak.

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