Stop Apple Music keeps Opening Automatically on Mac

Last Updated on Mar 26, 2021

Does the music App keep opening on Mac? After the macOS Catalina update, few users have reported that the Apple Music app starting automatically randomly. Earlier it was happening with iTunes on Mac, if you’ve been gone through that phase too, and fixed the issue on your own, then maybe this won’t take too much time. Basically, the problem is, when you turn on the Mac, the Apple Music won’t turn on, on startup, but after few minutes, out of nowhere, the Apple Music will start playing songs.

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Another most asked question is how to prevent Apple Music from opening automatically when Bluetooth headphones are connected. This sounds strange, but we’ll see how it can be fixed. Start with the first solution.

How to Stop Apple Music from opening Automatically on Mac, MacBook

There are a few workarounds to fix this problem,

Check Login Items on Mac

Login Items or Startup Programs are the applications or features that automatically turn on during startup. Notably, with more startup programs, the Mac will take time to power on completely. Therefore it is advisable to only add programs to Login Items that are necessary. Besides, if Apple Music is added to Login Items, then it would start playing automatically when the Mac is booted.

Ultimately, if Apple Music is a part of Login Items, then remove it to avoid this problem.

  1. Click on the Apple icon.
  2. Select System Preferences.
  3. Go to Users & Groups.
  4. Choose the username from the sidebar.
  5. Select the programs one by one that you want to remove from Login Items, and lastly click on (-).

Alternatively, right-click on the Apple Music on the dock, and deselect Options > Open At Login.

Use Daemons and Agent to Remove Plist File

If the Apple Music App’s plist file is corrupted, then there are good chances of such errors, but once the .plist file is deleted, everything is sorted. Don’t worry, the .plist is a supporting file created by programs, so when you’ll re-launch the Apple Music app on Mac, it will automatically create.

  1. Visit the /System/Library/LaunchDaemons and delete the .plist file of the Apple Music App.
  2. Also, open the /Library/LaunchAgents and remove the .plist file of Apple Music.

Use a Third-Party App to Prevent Apple Music from Automatically Launching

A third-party application called noTunes is created by one of GitHub’s developer, that prevents Apple Music and iTunes from launching automatically. As I mentioned previously, the same problem is with iTunes too, and that’s why to avoid such errors, you can download and install noTunes App on Mac and stop this.

Download Link for noTunes

Stop Apple Music from Opening Automatically Headphones Mac

It’s the same case as earlier, the Apple Music automatically plays music on Mac when connecting Bluetooth headphones. It sounds weird, but a bug or a corrupted file is causing this problem. To overcome this situation, all you can do is refer to the above-mentioned solutions and get it sorted.

Usually, while using third-party accessories like Bluetooth headphones with Apple Products, these types of issues are common. Alternatively, try connecting AirPods Max or AirPods with Mac, and see if such a problem persists.

Stop Apple Music from Opening Automatically Mac Bluetooth

Again if you want to prevent Apple Music from opening Automatically on Mac Bluetooth, use the noiTunes App or try the workarounds explained in this article, surely, this will fix the Apple Music issues.

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