How to Stop Apple Music Keeps Opening Automatically on Mac Sonoma

Apple Music starting automatically on MacBook, Mac? And you don't have any clue why Apple Music playing automatically, here's a fix.

Does the music App keep opening on Mac? After the macOS update, a few users have reported that the Apple Music app is starting automatically randomly. Earlier, it was happening with iTunes on Mac; if you’ve gone through that phase too, and fixed the issue on your own, maybe this won’t take too much time. The problem is when you turn on the Mac, the Apple Music won’t turn on, or on startup, but after a few minutes, the Apple Music will start playing songs out of nowhere.

Another most-asked question is how to prevent Apple Music from opening automatically when Bluetooth headphones are connected. This sounds strange, but we’ll see how it can fix. Start with the first solution.

How to Stop Apple Music from Opening Automatically on Mac, MacBook

A few workarounds fix this problem: how do I stop apple music from opening automatically on Mac?

1. Check Login Items on Mac

Login Items or Startup Programs are the applications or features that automatically turn on during startup. Notably, with more startup programs, the Mac will take time to power on completely. Therefore it is advisable only to add programs to necessary Login Items. Besides, if Apple Music is added to Login Items, it would start playing automatically when the Mac is booted.

If Apple Music is part of Login Items, remove it to avoid this problem.

On macOS Ventura, Sonoma:- Stop Opening itself

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1→ Go to the Apple logo from the top menu > System Settings.


2→ Next, General > Login items.


3→ Select Music from the login items list > click on [-] to remove it from the list.


That’s it.

On macOS Monterey:- Stop Opening itself

1→ Click on the Apple Logo icon. > Select System Preferences.

2→ Go to Users & Groups.

3→ Choose the username from the sidebar. Select the programs one by one that you want to remove from Login Items, and lastly, click on (-).


Alternatively, right-click on Apple Music on the dock, and deselect Options > Open At Login.

2. Use Daemons and Agent to Remove Plist File

If the Apple Music App’s plist file is corrupted, there are good chances of such errors, but everything is sorted once the .plist file is deleted. Don’t worry; the .plist is a supporting file created by programs, so when you’ll re-launch the Apple Music app on Mac, it will automatically create.

Open Finder > From top menu, Go > Go to Folder > Enter “/Library” Hit return. Search LaunchDaemons and LaunchAgents folder and detele music plist file.


Delete Music Cache files and Folders: Open Finder > From top menu Go > Go to Folder > Enter “/Library/Caches” Hit return.


Search the Music folder under the Caches folder, and Delete all.


That’s it.

Open Finder > From top menu Go > Go to Folder > Enter “/Library/Preferences” Hit return. and Search Music to find all Plist files. Select all and Move to the bin. [see below screen]


3. Stop Updating Cloud Music Library in Apple Music


Auto-Updating Cloud Music Library in Music app on Mac is the feature to sync everything while moving to Mac from another Apple device. That’s great.

But Sometimes, this is useless. Why? When we have no active apple music subscription. At that time, the music app is still finding and updating the Music library. So we recommend stopping Cloud Music Library by unauthorized apple music service on Mac. Follow the below steps,

1→ Open the Music app on Mac from the top Menu Account > Authorizations > Deauthorize This Computer…

deauthorize-this-computer for-apple-music-on-mac

2→ Enter your Apple ID Password. > Deauthorize.


3→ Now, This computer has been successfully unauthorized. And the process will be stopped automatically.


and the process is stopped now.


4→ Force quit Music app from the top menu.


That’s it.

4. Use a Third-Party App to Prevent Apple Music from Automatically Launching

GitHub’s developers create a third-party application called noTunes, which prevents Apple Music and iTunes from launching automatically. However, as I mentioned previously, the same problem is with iTunes too, and that’s why you can download and install noTunes App on Mac and stop this to avoid such errors.

Download Link for noTunes

5. Turn off Notifications when Song Change on Mac

Change or Play the next song automatically from the music app playlist; that’s normal. But Some mac users don’t like to see pop up whenever Song change in the playlist. So, follow the below steps to Turn off the Music app Notification on Mac for Song Change.

1→ Open Music app on Mac. From Top menu > Music > Preferences.

2→ Select General Tab > Uncheck “When Song Changes” Option.


3→ Ok to save.

Now You will not get a Music notification on Play a new song from the playlist or library.

6. Stop Apple Music from Opening Automatically Headphones Mac/McBook

It’s the same case as earlier; Apple Music automatically plays music on Mac when connecting Bluetooth headphones. Again, a bug or a corrupted file is causing this problem. To overcome this situation, you can refer to the solutions mentioned above and get it sorted.

What to do?

Usually, while using third-party accessories like Bluetooth headphones with Apple Products, these issues are common. Alternatively, try connecting AirPods Max or AirPods with Mac and see if such a problem persists.

7. Stop Apple Music From Opening Automatically When Downloading

Typically, Apple Music won’t open because it always plays in the background on Mac. In addition, sometimes, internet disconnectivity issues will alert and pop up on your Mac screen due to the Download process interruption.

Not Enough space to Download Music from the internet to Mac for play offline., Manage your Mac Storage and Quickly Free Up Space on Mac; here’s a quick guide. Apple logo > About This Mac > Storage > Manage > Follow the recommendations and Other options for delete unused and large files.

Make sure Your internet connection is good. Or choose a different time to download a song from apple music.

8. Stop Apple Music from Opening Automatically Mac Bluetooth

The trick to Disable Apple Music auto-launch Bluetooth. Again if you want to prevent Apple Music from opening Automatically on Mac Bluetooth and apple music starts when headphones are plugged in mac, use the noiTunes App or try the workarounds explained in this article; indeed, this will fix the Apple Music issues.

9. How to stop Apple Music From Automatically Playing on Mac

MacOS keeps all the Programmes Turned on, even if you restart or Shut Down. Becuase you checked the “Re-open Windows when logging back in” program while shutting down your Mac. Uncheck this option and Go with the Restart option.

To Stop keeps opening Mac windows all time, Here are the settings under System Preferences.

When enabled, open documents and windows will not be restored when you re-open an application.

  • MacOS Ventura: Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > Desktop & Dock > Close windows when quitting an application.
  • MacOS Monterey & Earlier: Click on Apple Logo > System Preferences > General > Select Checkbox “Close Windows when Quitting an app”.


That’s it.

Note: Unfortunately, we can’t delete music apps from Apple Natives apps on Mac. So


Apple’s music app is now more functional with Other apps like FaceTime. So, Keep your Mac updated and fix the software bug itself. Still, your problem is annoying, and nothing works; then, Reinstall MacOS on Mac [This process will not erase Data from Mac], or Try in Safe mode to determine the issue with Third-Party apps at launch. Also, you can contact Apple support or a Nearby apple store.

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