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iOS 9 Won’t Sync Music with iTunes, How to Fix it?

Sync Music with iTunes for iOS 9 iPhone, iPad

Help!!! Yesterday, I upgraded my iPhone to the latest iOS 9 successfully. This morning, sadly, my iPhone with iOS 9 is unable to transfer music with iTunes. Is there any idea to fix? Many Apple users have met the same problem – Can’t sync playlists/music to iPhone in iOS 9 with iTunes. iTunes is defined

Save webpage login credential on Mac OS X EI Capitan using Keychain

Save webpage login credential on Mac OS X EI Capitan, Yosemite

Keychain is password/ Card management app for all Mac OS X users, who can easily save/ Update or Delete login credential on Safari without accessible from third-party extensions or Websites. Alternatively, all web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera and etc) allow for save login and password within browser. That can be stealing by hackers in most cases,

How to update WiFi Router Airport firmware on Mac/ iOS: Fix

Update WiFi Router Airport firmware using Mac or iOS

Improve your Wi-Fi router, Airport Extreme’s performance, Connectivity by updating firmware manually on Mac OS X. Before that you need basic understating about how to check installed software version and Update WiFi router Airport firmware using Mac. If you don’t know, Please make your Airport firmware up to date all time, by periodically check available

How to Turn off iPhone Calls on Mac OS X: EI Captain

Turn off iPhone Calls on Mac OS X

The Handoff does good job for iPhone and Mac users that brings work from iPhone to Apple Mac that keeps work continues. So that optimizes user experience to transmission documents, file. Now let’s we talking about on Wi-Fi calling mean make & receive iPhone calls on Mac OS X. Numerous Mac users are exploring how