TextSniper for Mac Review: Capture and extract any text

Visual content is important in this changing digital world. We all face issues when it comes to copying text from a particular image or video. Due to security and copyright concerns, most websites don’t allow copying text. Previously, people used to write text manually, which was a really time-consuming and hectic process. Thanks to OCR apps,  this tool allows you to copy text from documents, images, and videos within seconds.

Mac TextSniper is a game-changing tool to seamlessly capture and recognize text from images, making it instantly editable and usable. In this article, we will explore basic yet important things about the TextSniper tool and read how it opens doors to a world of convenience and productivity by converting visual information into actionable text.

What is TextSniper?

TextSniper for Mac is the best OCR software in the market for extracting text from photos or other digital documents. This app is easy to use and also supports various foreign languages, including English. You don’t need any technical knowledge, simply select a text on the screen and save it to the clipboard to use it later.

How Does TextSniper Work?

It utilizes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to function. It scans the pixels in an image to detect patterns like characters, numbers, and symbols. When you take a screenshot or upload an image, TextSniper’s OCR engine will process the image and identify the text elements to convert them into machine-readable text. This allows you to extract, edit, and use specific text in various applications. The accuracy of the result may vary depending on various factors such as image quality, font clarity, and much more. 

Additional Features of TextSniper for Mac

TextSniper is the best option to get text from photos and videos quickly, you just need to screenshot, and TextSniper will convert the text for you. Below are some of the features of TextSniper for Mac.

Easy and faster

It is just simple, like taking screenshots from the iPhone. It supports multiple languages such as English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Text-to-speech converter

If you don’t want to read an entire paragraph, then this tool will read the text for you. This is perfect for people with vision issues or people with language barriers.

QR code and barcode scanner

As we all know, QR codes are getting in high demand; TextSniper can capture the text from QR codes and barcode scanners as well. 

Additive clipboard

If you want to snip multiple portions of text while reading a long paragraph, the additive clipboard feature does a wonder. It allows you to snap a text on a screen without going back and forth between the paragraph and notepad.

Import photos from iPhone/iPad

For this feature, you need to start your Bluetooth and WIFI on your iPhone to get accurate results. Go to the TextSniper dropdown menu and select take a photo, it will open a camera, and you can easily capture the photo you want to extract text. 

Line breaks

The app also allows you to add line breaks while you copy text to have a proper text structure without creating any mess. Moreover, you can also use the TextSniper Chrome extension to use while searching on Google.

Why Should You Use TextSniper for Mac?

Beyond text recognition, TextSniper for Mac can be a beneficial tool for content writers, teachers, students, and researchers to make presentations and extract text easily. It can also be useful for tasks like language translation, data entry, note-taking, and much more. Its ability to translate visual content into digital format enhances workflows and increases productivity. 

Additionally, this tool can be integrated with various other applications to make it a versatile tool for professionals, students, and researchers. 

How to set up TextSniper?

You can easily set up the TextSniper tool in your Mac system by following these handy steps.

Step 1: Download the TextSniper tool from its official website. Once the download is completed, open the installer and select Launch the application.

Step 2: To capture screenshots and analyze photos, you might be required to grant accessibility permissions. When prompted, navigate to Apple Logo > System Settings/Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy and grant TextSniper access.

Step 3: It is controlled by a customized hotkey combination. Open TextSniper’s options from the menu bar icon and select your favorite hotkey for screenshot capture.

Step 4: Select the particular image or video that you wish to extract text from; you can also use the shortcut key CMD+Shift+2 or choose capture text from its Menubar.

Copy Text using Text Snipper
Copy Text using Text Snipper

Step 5: Now, the text can be copied to your clipboard and pasted into any text editor or application as needed.

Copy Text to Clipboard
Copy Text to Clipboard

Step 6: Use Text where you use it (Emails, Messages, Chat, Documents, and so on…).

Paste the Clipboard text on Mac
Paste the Clipboard text on Mac

TextSniper Shortcut in Menu Bar,

Quickly select and use different options. Read QR/Bar Code, Import from iPhone, Keep Line Breaks, and Additive Clipboard.

Change and Open Textsnipper on Mac
Change and Open Textsnipper on Mac

Important Textsnipper Settings

Customize Textsnipper settings on mac
Customize Textsnipper settings on Mac

Customize Textsnipper Keyboard Shortcuts,

Textsnipper Keyboard Shortcuts
Textsnipper Keyboard Shortcuts

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Quick and easy text extraction toolFont and handwriting may vary from original text
Minimal interfaceCompatible with Mac system only
Hoy key customizationResults may vary on various complexity factors
It is a paid toolFont and handwriting may vary from the original text
Various integration optionsLimited concept understanding
Enhanced and productive workflowImage quality matters 
TextSniper for Mac

MacOS languages support

It supports almost all English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, and Chinese languages. In the latest update, it added new recognition languages, including Japanese, Ukrainian, and Korean Russian, but for this macOS, Ventura is mandatory. TextSniper for Windows is not available; hence, you must have MacOS 10.15 or later in order to use this tool accurately.

TextSniper MacOS App Pricing

You can easily purchase the app from AppStore for $11.99 for a single Mac. When purchased with family sharing enabled, it allows to use of up to six family members without any hassle. Click on the link below to download TextSniper.


TextSniper app has proven to be an excellent tool for extracting text within images by fulfilling a wide range of user needs, including researchers, students, professionals, and more. Its OCR technology and minimal interface make it a valuable addition to any digital platform. It may not be a perfect app with complete features, but it does the job of converting images into editable text effortlessly. Whether you’re digitizing documents, extracting quotes from images, or need help with data entry, TextSniper is definitely a useful investment you must give a try. 

Hope you found the above TextSniper MacOS App Review article useful to understand various things about the TextSniper tool. If you want to add anything, then feel free to comment below. We appreciate your interests and ideas. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-1. What is the shortcut for TextSniper?

You can simply use the shortcut CMD+Shift+2 or select Capture Text from its menu to draw a rectangle around the section of the screen you wish to extract as text and push the Capture Text button. You can also customize the shortcut in the options.

Q-2. Is TextSniper worth it?

TextSniper is worth it for those who frequently need to extract text from images or scans. It has accurate OCR technology that makes your data entry and research tasks easier. However, its value depends on your usage frequency. You can even highlight specific text on photos or videos.

Q-3. How do I take a screenshot in OCR?

To take a screenshot using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), use a dedicated tool like Snagit, Greenshot, or TextSniper. Capture the desired image, and the OCR feature will automatically extract text from the screenshot. This is useful for converting text within images into editable digital format.

Q-4. Does TextSniper work with handwriting?

TextSniper primarily focuses on recognizing printed text within images. While it might have some capability to recognize clear and well-formed handwriting, its accuracy can vary. For more reliable handwriting recognition, you may try specialized handwriting recognition tools like MyScript Nebo or Google’s Handwriting Input and other suitable options.

Q-5. What are alternatives to TextSniper?

Alternatives to TextSniper include OCR.space, ABBYY FineReader, and Adobe Acrobat. These tools also convert images to editable text, offering various features and accuracy levels. Users should consider their specific needs, such as language support and integration options when selecting the most suitable alternative.

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