Top Best Tips for your iPad [Round up]

Here, in this Roundup of Best Tips to your iPad Air iOS 7, iOS8, now again you can find Top Best Tips for your iPad. Most kind of How to Tips for your iPad, you can get one by one. These all tips are you can apply for your iPad Air, iPad Mini or old model iPad. Within it also, doesn’t matter of iOS version likewise, iOS 7 and coming iOS 8.

Best Tips to your iPad Air iOS 7, iOS 8
Best Tips to your iPad Air iOS 7, iOS 8

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Top Best Tips for your iPad Air and iPad Mini

1. How to use guide access

This is most important Tips for You. See given beneath steps for apply it.

Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Guided Access

Last, turn it ON. And then tap triple time on Home button, after doing that if you are in any App of your iPad then you can able to block Specific control or area of Screen.

2. How to restrict content and apps – Top Best Tips for your iPad

For, apply Restrictions in you iPad; you have to need enter Passcode, as well that Passcode required must remember by you.

Go to,

        Settings >> General >> Restrictions

In, last do toggle ON for Enable Restrictions.

That’s it. This is prevent, using it kids can’t open your important content or in-App purchases, filter out explicit Content.

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3. How to hide an Apps store purchase – Top Best Tips for your iPad

If, you want to hide your purchase apps in your iPad Apps store. Then follow below step, after doing it, you and any other user can’t see your purchased apps in your iPad purchased apps list.

  • Tap on App store
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click on Purchased
  • Find those Apps which are purchased by and you want to hide it.
  • Next swipe on that apps, finally you’ll appear red button and they say Hide? Click on it. That’s it
  • Now, once close you iPad Apps Store and Lunch again, you can’t see those particular Apps in the List.

4. How to use your iPad as a second monitor – Top Best Tips for your iPad

You can’t believe that your iPad can work for you as a Second Monitor right. But, it’s possible. Do you know how? No then let’s and see below how to do it. Just you have to required install any one iOS apps in your Mac or Desktop and iPad from given below two iOS Apps. These are best option for you; even you have no need and cable or anything. Its work as a wireless iDevice.

Air Play and Splashtop XDisp.

5. How to use Auto fill – Top Best Tips for your iPad

Using this feature you can save your Time and feeling free, from text details each and every time in web form. Because, after apply this tips in your iPad you will automatically put your details in to web forms.

Go to, Settings >> Safari >> Autofill in last do turn on Use contact Info & Pick all the Contact, which is create by you in My info.

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6. How to clear History, Cookies and data – Top Best Tips for your iPad       

By, following given step you can able to delete Browser History, Cookies and Data.

Settings >> Safari >> click on Clear history and Clear Cookies and Data

If, you can also delete your iPad Browser AutoFill Data by this track;

Settings >> Safari >> AutoFill and do click on Clear AutoFill data.

We are felling buoyancy by putting this tutorial for you on Top best tips for your iPad. Keep in touch with us to know, more tutorial and tips tricks on How-to, Mac and iPhone Tips. You’ve new tips concern iPad then write it, in below comment box.

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